Sorry, that's not going to do the trick

| Friday, February 25, 2011
Blizzard, I know, I know, there are still almost two weeks left. You want to get this out there. You want me back, don't you? A couple Zuls aren't going to do the trick. Do you think it was all about that raptor? It wasn't. The bear? No. The bear was never even a consideration. Tiger? Tiger would have been nice, but again, not it.

You do this all the time now. Its like some sick bad habit. You break a toy and then you tape it together and say you fixed it. You didn't.

Don't go crying and blaming Rift. I can't even play it. Runs like crap. It's all on you. Two weeks. But it's already been two weeks at least. Three or four, maybe more than that. It's far too late. It's history you know? Force of history. Inevitable trends. Can't stop it can you? You're addicted. Me? I'm in rehab. Nice place. Walls don't turn into monsters quite so often anymore.

Can't fool me with a Zul or two.


Syl said...

LOL! does it help if I say my Rift is running smooooth?? =D
and what the....when did you quit WoW? I am gone 2 weeks and people quit all around!

LifeDeathSoul said...

Really? I really would like to try Rift. Can't even preorder it here in Singapore though :( Do you know what's wrong with the installation of Rift on your end?

At least you're okay with the new Ragnaros Model :P

Klepsacovic said...

@Syl: I didn't really quit, I just stopped playing. Wait two weeks and I'll have a post about it.

@LifeDeathSoul: The game is just fine, it just runs poorly. Frankly I think it's a testament to the devs that it runs as well as it does, which is to say, slightly better than lotro or eq2 ran, which I find impressive given that they are significantly older.

Caramael said...

It runs like crap even on low settings? What are you using, a 286 or something? :P
I bought Rift even though I didn't enjoy the beta. I'm counting on Bhagpuss who said the first impression is horrible, but the game becomes amazing after the first 10 or 12 levels.
It's either that or nothing, because I'm definitely done with WoW.

Duht said...


The first 10 levels are pretty generic. DPS classes start to really perform somewhere around 10-12 when you pick a path and shoot for it. With so many options per class, if you don't like the path you've chosen it's not hard to readjust and find something you do like.

Sadly, if I wasn't a die hard tank, I'd have bailed on my paladin warrior before the 30's. I found a DPS spec I like for headstart to mitigate the pain that the early level paladin brings.

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