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| Saturday, February 26, 2011
It's the attack of the strangely specific and probably useless search terms.

"troll racials" and "troll racials are overpowered" took the obvious first and second slots.

"dragon age origins unsupported video card workaround" carried up the third spot, with someone who was probably really disappointed, but if by chance you are still here, did you ever find a fix?

And then people got hungry.
"how to can the old fashioned way"
"i want freash food.com"
The non-typo version does not appear. Why does Google think my blog is a destination for by typists? I'm a bit insulted.

Next was someone who must have watched way too many spy movies recently and is trying to send me an indirect message, without anyone noticing. Yes, this search term led to my blog. "meritocracy is a selected group of people whose development is founded on ability and talent rather than on class privilege or wealth"*

The next two are best responded to with two words each
"mincraft is boring" No you.
"minecraft mmo" I wish.

And then there's this guy, who apparently was attempting to find the name of my blog by searching, my blog.
"site:trollshaman.blogspot.com troll racials are overpowered"

Finally at number ten, is Mr. Predictable Autofill
"troll racials are"

He has vanished without a trace and now we've lost the code forever!
No, I've seen this before. This guy was good; he hid it.
But where?
The last place we'd ever look.
Numbers station? Bathroom wall? DNA left in his blood?
Even sneakier: absurd search terms leading to a small blog.
So we're never going to find it?
Nope. Not unless you want to have to read a lot of blogs by attention-obsessed introverts.**
If we don't, the terrorists win.
But if we do, the terrorists win.
Sneaky bastards.

** A truly terrible personality combination with no good outcomes for anyone.


Imraith Dos Santos said...

Looking at traffic sources is truly mind-boggling. Someone once ended up at my blog by searching "greydrops infant." I tried it myself and sure enough, there I was. So what are greydrops, do you suppose, and why did they think to find them at my house?

Tesh said...

I keep getting a ton of visitors for "avatar", that silly James Cameron movie. It's far and away my biggest source of traffic.

...and that makes me a bit sad.

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