Self-Righteous Sunday: Redundancy Day

| Sunday, August 29, 2010
I'm not sure why self-righteousness is getting its own day this week, considering it's already had most of the week. Everyone from guys named like girls (Chastity) to guys named like guys (Adam) to women named like fake Latin (Miss Medicina) to gnomes named like weird untypable characters (Larisa) have weighed in on the issue of women, feminism, and their secret plot to take over the world while tricking men into thinking it's all about equality. For my own part I joined in on the female side, since I'm pretty sure they've been winning ever since we accidentally gave them the vote. I plan to blend in with my long hair and a falsetto voice. Then when they realize there are no men left and suddenly four billion or so women are incredibly lonely and desperate: there's my chance.

So I was thinking, isn't it rather insensitive of a white guy to give a speech in the same place where a black guy gave a speech and later got shot. I'm not saying he got shot there. But you get the picture. Surely it's at least as insensitive as a religious group building a cultural center in the same neighborhood where a lot of people were murdered by a vaguely similar religious group. In other words, not at all.

Which reminds me, why do we keep giving Catholics a get out of jail free card? The other day I was hearing about how the British government and Catholic Church teamed up to cover up the possible involvement of a priest in a horrific bombing in Ireland. Who's heard of that? Is anyone listening? That's on top of the many other attacks in decades of violence. Why does no one else seem to regard Catholics as sub-human monsters and persistently protest their places of worship? And by extension of somewhat vague similarity in regards to worship of Jesus, doesn't that implicate Protestants too? I mean, they're basically the same as Sunni and Shi'ite, except for a Pope instead of Mohamed's successor. They did some bombing too. Why do we keep letting them build churches and evangelize in poor areas such as urban America and everywhere else in the world? Their holy book advocates the stoning of women and their savior let himself be killed to cleanse the world. Isn't it basically connect the dots to see that people who advocate doing God's work are really just encouraging suicide attacks? We need to stop these radicals!

Speaking of which, why does Ahmadinejad refuse to wear ties? Does he think they're some sort of symbolic noose? Because if so, I agree. I think I can now officially start a list of things on which we agree.
1 - Ties suck.
2 - ???


Miss Medicina said...

Have I told you lately that I love you?


Klepsacovic said...

I don't see it in the dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to the whole Catholic issue there - ban religion! ;)

Klepsacovic said...

I know you Brits hate freedom and wish you could return to taxing us without representation, but keep your oppression out of here!

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