Class quests and multiple leveling zones

| Monday, August 9, 2010
Class quests are awesome. Yet, Blizzard doesn't seem to like them much. Well boo to them!

They claim that they are of limited value since only one class sees them. Yet having parallel leveling zones, unless you're looping back, you won't see them all in one go. They're for other characters and give crucial replay value.

I like class quests. They help make classes more distinctive, giving some flavor, without being the 'flavor' which was so often implicated in poor class balance and design.


jeffo said...

I agree with you, I loved the class quests. What's funny about Blizzard's negativity on them is that they had arranged the group class quests in such a way that everyone had to go to the same place for the same thing at the same time anyway. Run Sunken Temple for your level 50 Paladin quest and everyone in there is gathering the same feathers as you. Where's the problem?

Probably the real problem is that people got upset helping Paladins out with getting the coolest mount in the game when they got nothing (except for 'locks, and their mounts aren't as good).

Anonymous said...

There's two points you're neglecting.

The first is that, if you make a second parallel leveling zone, then a player's next alt, regardless of what class it is, can get a fresh experience. In order to duplicate this effect with class quests, you'd have to make one for every class (because you can't guarantee what class someone's alt will be).

Secondly, it follows that, because you'd have to make class quests for each class, that most of them will be wasted for most people, seeing as most people might have an alt or several, but not a lot have an alt of every class, or even most classes.

Klepsacovic said...

@jeffo: The mechanics of most of the quests were even pretty much the same, just some different writing and traveling before ST.

I like the warlock mount, and their quest chain for it is awesome. Expensive, but awesome.

@Anonymous: You do raise a good point that any given player might only see 10-20% of the content, but due to player choices and incentives, many players only see that many quests anyway.

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