Blast from the Past

| Saturday, August 7, 2010
Once upon a time I tried another random BG on my paladin. I got IoC, ran into a zerg, died, rezed, jumped in a demolisher, and then realized I didn't know how to get out. Yes, I tried that. And that.

So there I was, along for the ride. Thank god for rocket gloves and exorcism. And the druid who kept coming close.

And then I saw her...

Crimefighter of Magtheridon

Of course you probably don't know who she is. I don't think she's anyone. Except to me.

To me, she was the evil of evils. Except worse.

Once upon a time reputation wasn't from dailies and random heroics with ugly tabards. Instead we went to places and farmed things and summoned big bads and kill them and raided places. One of those places was Silithus and one of those people was the warlock Xolithe. He, I, would kill Twilight Cultists and steal their clothes, using them to summon templar and gather signets needed to summon much more powerful, and not at all soloable, enemies. The templar weren't trivial at the time, easy, but not like now where you can fight an elite with one hand tied behind your back, using the crippled arm to take on a dozen noobs at once. More annoying was the clothing issue, since it didn't drop as often as you'd think consider they all wear it.

Xolithe would look this way. That way. Wait a few seconds. Look. Nothing. This guy can safely cross a street like no one else can, because he knows looking both ways. He'd be the guy checking the sky too, just to be sure there isn't a plane trying to land as he's crossing. After his first time dying to the Scourge he's not going to let it happen again. Not counting the times he summoned doomguards and the dice picked him. My point is, you don't sneak up on him. Except that one time a hunter and warrior jumped him in the Plaguelands and had terrible things happen to them. Warlocks are fucking badasses. Did you know fear used to last longer, break less, and didn't even share DRs with the succubus?

Don clothes, summon, switch back before combat starts, start fight, get charged out of nowhere by Crimefighter's warrior friend. FUCK! But hey, no problem. Sure he's immune to fear and all that, but switch to a voidwalker and there's a bit more durability, or maybe set him on fire and try some draining. I have options. Until she shows up then I'm stunned and repented and he's getting heals and now I'm being hit in the face from both sides of my head at once.


On an unrelated note, I miss the days when people actually ran into other people. The 2v1 and wasted clothes weren't so good, but I liked feeling like the world was inhabited by something beside scraps of programming.

On a happier note, one of my old friends from Word of Redemption has come out of hiding. I might actually use RealID. Or we could just keep using IM or maybe our old vent server. It was nice to talk to her again. Maybe I could get her to join Collective Conscious.


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