What's your favorite color?

| Thursday, August 5, 2010
As I was once again standing in ICC thinking about how much I've grown to hate it, I started thinking about the appearance of it. I realized I don't like blue. Or grey. Or dark grey. Or the dullness which defines places like ICC and ToC.

I decided to think about places which don't sicken me. And so I made my short list of Barrens, Durotar, and Molten Core. They're wonderful oranges and reds. Soothing in a way. Though it might be something other than color, since I don't care much one way or another for Redridge. But I also like EPL. Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes are good too, though that might be some sort of twisted nostalgia.

Of course some greens are nice. Un'Goro Crater is probably the greenest example, but I also like Hinterlands. Mixing in purple just makes it sickening, as in every nelf area ever.

And then there's Desolace. The problem isn't the poor layout, it may be the worst placed Horde FP in the history of everything, it isn't the seemingly random shifts in mob level, and it isn't the swimming quests. No, the true problem is that the zone makes you wonder if you accidentally switched your monitor to greyscale.

What's your favorite color?


Shintar said...

For zones, definitely bright green. I love Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, Feralas, the Hinterlands, Nagrand, Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar and so on.

Actually, I generally like bright places, no matter the colour. I don't like the ones where everything seems dark and the sky is always clouded, like the Ghostlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Swamp of Sorrows, the Plaguelands, Netherstorm or Icecrown.

Dorgol said...

My favorite zones have a theme to them - Greenery.

Feralas with its wild green.
Nagrand with its fields of green.
Grizzly Hills with its forested green.


My favorite color is purple, though. /shrug

Mike ... said...

I like the open spaces more than the color. So the Barrens, Mulgore, Borean Tundra, Hellfire (yes!) and Nagrand all appeal to me.

Which also means that, apart from the idiotic FP, I actually like Desolace.

Klepsacovic said...

@Shintar: Netherstorm isn't cloudy and it's very well lit by the strange purple magic streaming around the sky.

@Dorgol: How did I managed to forget Grizzly Hills in the pantheon of green? The green-brown (trees and dirt roads) is great.

@Mike: Open spaces are nice, they let us see enemies coming from further away!

Shintar said...

True, but it's all dark purple and has lightning all over, that still makes it look kind of gloomy in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The best Color Scheme in all of Wow is to be found in classic Azshara. But that's soon to be eradicated, so I vote for Grizzly Hills.

Cassandri said...

I hate anything that is dry or dusty. Or fiery.

So pretty much all the places that you listed, I dislike (MC, Blackrock mountain in general, the Barrens). Make me feel like i'm going to get burnt.

I like ICC. I love Zul'Drak - so shady and pink. It's like a sunset.

I like forests and shade I think. So greens, or dark purples or blues. Any Night Elf area. Duskwood.

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