Exploring Dun Morogh

| Friday, August 20, 2010
If you've played a dwarf or gnome I'm sure you're familiar with this zone. Or are you?

Did you know there's a huge area that you normally wouldn't go to, possibly not even see? Ironforge has a roof and on that roof are many things.

I'm sure you've heard of the airport. I'd gone there a while back, back when I played Xolithe and was assaulted by a paladin. Up there I saw a battle between trolls and dwarves, an endless struggle without end. And then I fell off the roof. I'm pretty sure I remembered to wear a parachute cloak.

The devs seem to put a lot of time into places they don't expect us to see, such as a certain troll village.

There's a troll save near the airport, that's where the trolls come from. But elsewhere, in the direction of Gnomergan (if I wasn't disoriented), is another cave with a few trolls standing around, and one on a wolf. A small operation with a couple cages and knicknacks. Elsewhere are a few explorers at a little tent, apparently exploring a campfire.

It's better to see than it sounds, a vast sloping up and down expanse of snow. Here and there a stone tower sticks up, yellow windows glowing. I wonder what the dwarves inside think of seeing Horde riding past. But at least they are warm and safe. There is a lone Ironforge guard who spawns up there, wandering the snow. I feel sorry for him. He must be lonely. It's inevitable up there, being alone and all, especially knowing that there's a busy airport not so far away, a city below, and gryphon riders going overheard, pooping on him constantly. Poor guy.

The wrong step will kill you, or at least drop you on top of some very confused Alliance lowbie.

I never managed to find a way to Gnomeregan. Perhaps some other time from some other direction.

Where have you gone?


Edawan said...

Most of the not-mean-to-be-reachable scenery is for flight paths.

The Ironforge => Menethil flight takes you over the airport, and Menethil => Ironforge shows the small troll group on the side of the mountain.

I don't know if the troll village can be seen from a flight paths, though.

Anonymous said...

When you fly out of Stormwind going north to Ironforge, you fly over a little lake and cabin in the mountains above Elwynn Forest.

A couple of friends and I climbed up there and spent a couple of hours fishing (not much worth catching to tell the truth) and waving to the people zooming overhead on the flight paths.

The time ended with a group picture and a leap off of the waterfall. Was a great afternoon.

Klepsacovic said...

The troll village can be seen from FPs somewhere around Moonglade. Maybe Winterpsring to Moonglade or Moonglade to Darkshore, something like that.

Zahraah said...

dancing troll village near winterspring was really funny - its a nice spot, with a lake, and plenty of happy trolls.

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