Incidentally, time is going in a loop now

| Friday, August 6, 2010
This clip, I swear I have seen it before, but... why? I have no good reason to have seen it, nor with the exact same description. Either someone is plagiarizing old youtube comments, or time is going in a loop. Clearly the first makes no sense at all, because God knows there are much better sources of stolen material.

Yesterday I watched the Colbert Report for the day before and he was endorsing someone who had no problem with nutcases having guns. Colbert used a joke I remember about his word choice being politically correct. I remember this! It could merely be a reused joke due to conveniently re-happening news, which is itself just more evidence of the time loop. But to top it off, I was playing one of the Celtic leaders in Civ4 at the time. Not everything is exactly the same: I know the leader is different since I didn't have the needed expansion until semi-recently. And the circumstances under which I am meeting my new sister and my old brother at a local Greek restaurant are not exactly the same. But that's still more coincidence!

Time is looping, but it's slightly off. What's next an election? SHIT! A terrible summer job? Oh no...

Clearly this is a great opportunity. I can now predict the future by remembering the past. I can do it all right this time. Or will that screw up the future? Historians say that history goes in cycles and if we don't learn it we're bound to repeat it. Maybe I need to take some memory aids so I can escape.

P.S. Fox news is arguing against gay marriage because the benefits will raise costs on business owners, a cost which obviously wouldn't be a problem if they were all in heterosexual marriages.


Anonymous said...

Have you made a call from a police box recently perhaps? Had lunch at the Big Bang Burger Bar?

Fox News are idiots. Ask anyone.

Klepsacovic said...

I asked Glen Beck. He said you're a fascist.

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