Someone called me a liberal today

| Monday, August 30, 2010
Sjonnar says:
Klepsacovic: Pay attention, and maybe you wont look like such an idiot. Neither I nor Adam ever said that the story is perfect and shouldn’t be changed. We both said that the story should not be changed, and this is the important part, **solely for the purposes of kowtowing to a special interest group.**

Trying to put words in people’s mouths just makes you look like yet another slimy, manipulative liberal special-interest hack as well as an ignorant asshole who can’t read.

You want to apologise for that shit, I’ll accept it and we can talk. Otherwise, go fuck yourself. I’m done arguing with liberals.

Yes it's a glorious time for public discourse. The mere suggestion that more female NPCs could lead to a better story, more female subscribers, and perhaps a better society outside the game* is the call for all manner of of people to get very very angry.

* I'm not saying that I said that right in that post, but that that's what has been side in the blogotubes.

You see, feminists are a cancer that is destroying the world. I bet you didn't know that, did you? Yes, these poorly-defined radicals who may constitute well over half the world are in fact a dangerous and cantankerous minority, hell-bent on ruining your day. Those fucking bitches! But it's just like people said in Adam's post: "give into the PC crowd once, and they’ll keep pushing, and causing trouble, and finding ever more rediculous causes to champion, and you’ll never be rid of them." Yep. It's true. We should have never let those whiny bitches out of the kitchen. Next thing they wanted the vote. And then property rights. Can you believe it? They thought they could OWN THINGS, even land.

This isn't at all sexist. Not at all. It's not sexist of me to say that women should get the fuck back into their fucking place so that I can have my fucking narrative, god dammit. Let's rewind. I'm driving home. Make that being driven home, by a polite and well-spoken Negro man. He parks right at the step, opens my car door, then opens the house door as well. Of course for that second door he had to keep his eyes down because my wife is standing there with my cocktail. The smell of food gently drifts outside to tickle my nose. The Negro driver wishes me a pleasant evening and goes back to the car to drive it somewhere far away from where I live. He's a nice man and I'd almost trust him to visit my family, but he is Negro after all, you know how they sometimes get. I go inside to eat. It is a wonderful meal.

But no. That's no more. Now the Negro lives next door. I lost my job. But my wife has a job. Can you believe it? Some god damn fucking liberal asshole has ruined my day. Fucking communist prick.

Oh who the fuck am I kidding? If not for those socialist communist pricks telling people what to think, I'd probably in a collapsed coal mine right now, with no hope of rescue, because they can always get more Irish.

Get rich by taking money from women
Women are the world's largest special interest group. Incidentally they're also a group that might, in theory, play games. And give money to play those games. Perhaps there's some tiny chance that said special interest group would be more willing to buy games that had women represented as something other than either A) whiny bitches or B) Really angry sisters who cannot get along. Of course I'm generalizing, it makes for a more entertaining narrative. So these women, or girls, or females, whatever you want to call them, have money and might give that money to Blizzard if they thought WoW was a game and world they wanted to play.

Would a few female characters to attract more females ruin immersion? Really? Fucking think about it for a second. We're not talking about one day Kael'thas is now Cindy'thas. But moving forward there are just more females and they're more significant. Is that going to be an earth-shattering change? If so, then you're fucked up. Really, there's something wrong with you if you think that adding more female characters will somehow ruin WoW. Yes, even if they're added for a quota (which they wouldn't anyway). Blizzard does not have retarded writers who cannot tweak a story to make sense and to entertain, while still fitting in another pair of carefully rendered breasts. Er sorry, I mean a female character. Fear leads to anger, therefore anger implies fear, and frankly all these extremely angry people who are offended at the very thought of willfully adding female characters, I suspect they're either Chicken Little or the most overly sensitive beings since the Princess and the Pea. My god, they can feel feminist influence through five thick years of male dominance.

For more reading, see my next post: That Bitch Ruined Everything.
And don't miss tomorrow's post. It's an important one.


Christian Clark said...

I must be missing something and I may be wrong, but, it seems more like the person in question (the person whom you are quoting) is missing the overall joke.

Quicksilver said...

Do you feel that there are too few women figures in WoW? And do you actually believe that by adding more it will attract more women to the game?

I certainly believe not.

I believe though, that the people who notice this kinds of statistics are the bigots themselves, (and yes, I am talking about feminism as bigotry) who are trying to impose their sick beliefs onto the rest of us who are just playing the game and not paying attention to this kind of shit because we are too busy having fun.

What will attract more women to this game is the simple fact that the game is fun to play. Simple as that.

Klepsacovic said...

@Dallanna: I must also be missing the joke, because it was my impression that we are all angry people being agry, with nary a joke in sight.

@Okrane: "What will attract more women to this game is the simple fact that the game is fun to play." Of course. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that the fun of WoW is derived purely from pressing buttons, with no relation to the story-telling.

As for sick beliefs, let's reserve that judgement for terrorists and child molesters, not people who wish for a slightly different game world.

R9 said...

I find it bizarre that people get angry enough about this to go all LIBERAL BIGOTRY RARGH.

I mean the faction leaders are, what, 10:2 male. Would it be awful pandering to "special interest groups" if Blizz had put a lady in charge of the goblins? (for example).

Quicksilver said...

Dunno if you read comments on posts this old but:
"Of course. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that the fun of WoW is derived purely from pressing buttons, with no relation to the story-telling."

Dude, give me a break. Except for the worst lore-nerds (which are mostly male imo) I really doubt this game is more to people than raid-and-get-better-gear, eventually with some joking around in chat or vent. That's what makes the game fun. Now if there are sexist people inside the game, their stupidity is not the fault of the game is it? And as I said there are enough females represented inside the game for it to be blatantly obvious that the game is sexist.

Take ICC: there are 5 female bosses/characters around(LDW, Valithria, BQL, Sindragosa and that Valkir Lady)...

As for sick beliefs, I think that people obsessed with such causes will most likely ruin the fun for everyone involved...

Let's think for a second: the Black minority is not too well represented in WoW. In fact not a single leader out there is black. Quickly! Let's paint the face of Varian Wrynn so that it becomes more politically correct.

Klepsacovic said...

"Dude, give me a break. Except for the worst lore-nerds (which are mostly male imo) I really doubt this game is more to people than raid-and-get-better-gear"
This really isn't the place for hasty guessing and lore nerd bashing. But if this is indeed true, that no one cares the slightest bit about lore and those who do are easily dismissed nerds, then there's not much reason to not add more female characters.

"And as I said there are enough females represented inside the game for it to be blatantly obvious that the game is sexist."
I entirely agree!
I'm sure you meant to put a "not" in there somewhere, but either way, it's clearly not blatantly obvious.

WoW is for the most part a raceless world, so if there were any complaints about a lack of representation, it would make as much sense as the Swedish government pushing for affirmative action. I'm suggesting that Sweden is raceless, but that when a population is homogeneous (more or less), then it doesn't make much sense to talk about diversity.

Cassandri said...

I don't get this debate. World of Warcraft isn't *art*. It's a commercial product.

If only 10% of the subscribers are women (I think it's much higher than that) then if Blizzard can attract more women - raise it to say 15% - to buy the game then of course they should.

Right now we play because we like the game. But who wouldn't prefer Jaina to kick ass for a change? I know I would.

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