I can't see them, they can't see me.

| Friday, June 25, 2010
I wish.

Horde rogues have it tough!

We sneak around as sneakily as we can sneak and just when we think we've seen all the sneaking that can be sneaked, it turns out a night elf was there out-sneaking our sneak. We cannot repel sneaking of that magnitude.

Maybe worse are the humans and their anti-sneaking technology. I'm sneaking and no one can see me for certain! Except those damn humans. They sneak just the same as I sneak, but they see sneak better, so I can't sneak near them.

I demand sneaking equality.


Video Game Philosopher said...

Guess Troll racials aren't the only ones that are overpowered...

Sorry I had to. To be honest, horde or alliance I never noticed a real difference between having the current passive perception on a human (the old one was very nice but you had to know when to use it), and the extra stealth from shadowmeld as a NElf.

My favorite racial is a tie between thunderstomp and arcane torrent. Mostly because thunderstomp is almsot always useful in a stituation where arcane torrent might aggro enough mobs in PVE to have you die violently.

Klepsacovic said...

I'm pretty sure perception acts like +1 level detection and nelf sneaky is +1 level of sneaky, so against another rogue they are mostly the same in terms of who sees who first, though the nelf can get closer while the human can see farther.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you can spy the sneaking like a graphic distortian, and I often pass it off as a bug, but it being a pvp realm, if I spy something like that, then I need to brace myself for an attempted gankage.

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