The Journals: Folaksamba

| Tuesday, June 22, 2010
My characters rarely get to say much. This is their place to talk.

June 19
At the behest of Falna (cheap bitch) I went off to the Storm Peaks to hunt jormungar. She didn't want to buy scales or the armor patches, so she sent me.

Found some in a cave along with some bears.
Shot them.
Skinned them.
Got sick of bears ruining the jormungar scales. Shooting them too didn't help.
Went off to open plains. Got attacked by wind elementals. Slow hunting. Went and hung out with stone dwarves.
Falna got sick of me taking so long and bought a patch off the auction house.

It's cold.

June 20
It's cold.
Went hunting Ice Steppe Rhinos.
The wyrms stole some of my kills, so I hunted them too. Was fun.
The herds are thinning, I'm worried.
It's cold.


Indy said...

I despise the ninja kill-stealing dragons...

Video Game Philosopher said...

Nice, not used to seeing RP from WoW.

Klepsacovic said...

@Indy: If only we could vote-kick the dragon ninjas!

@VGP: That makes me a bit sad.

Video Game Philosopher said...

unfortunately, it's true. I was part of an RP guild for a while, and it always ended badly, usually with some griefer showing up to ruin any fun we were having, no matter where we were. Guild chat was the only semi-sacred place. Even was tedious.

I was tempted to write a series of short stories for one of my characters but never got around to it. I'm on a WoW break for now so it's not happening now but it's still a thought.

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