Which three instances would you pick for CoT?

| Sunday, June 13, 2010
1) War of the Three Clans
Dress up as a Wildhammer and help defeat the Dark Iron dwarves. Run like hell when you see the summoning of Ragnaros and most of the Redridge Mountains explode.

2) First Troll War against Hakkar
It's like ZG, but... not ZG. Maybe it's ZG but with about ten million trolls fighting with you and against you.

3) Scarlet Crusade vs. the Scourge
Somewhere I want to take part in a giant battle with the Scourge, but do it from the side of an enemy.

What do you want to see and take part in?


mark said...

O my god, War of the three clans would be soooo badass! I would run that for sure.

(dalvengyr U.S.)

Rades said...

I'd love the 1st and 3rd ones, but the thought of yet another troll instance makes me want to kill myself.

Horde-side, I'd like something with Grom Hellscream so we can see how awesome he is compared to his whiny little son.

Alliance side, I wouldn't mind seeing something Nelf/Azshara (the queen, not the zone) related so people can actually experience the Sundering/Nelf-into-Naga thing that we'll be seeing in Cataclysm.

Daergel said...

I want to be able to travel the world pre-scourge - you get a very small taste of Southshore from 7 years previous in the first of the CoT instances.

In terms of actual encounters though, how about fighting alongside Lady Sylvanas Windrunner before she (un)died

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