I turned off comment moderation

| Friday, June 4, 2010
Odds are this will have zero effect on you.

After my brief stint with moderation on posts over two weeks I've caught only a few, none were spam. So I turned off moderation since it's little more than a very slight waste of time and when I've been on the other side, very annoying.

Thank you to whoever made the spam go away.


Zelmaru said...

When I was hosted on blogger, I got almost no spam. I think it was using that annoying captcha text that did it.

Klepsacovic said...

I've not had a captcha for a while, since it was a problem for some people. I'm certain that something has changed on the blogger end of things. Either that or the market for cheap viagra is so flooded that any increased sales from spam aren't actually worth it. Do they actually sell anything or is it a phishing scam? Maybe it depends on the spam source.

Tam said...

Excellent, I can troll you now, mon...

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