Sunday Suggestion Thread

| Sunday, June 6, 2010
If I sue Tobold for using one of my topic ideas, can he counter-sue because I used his post concept?

That was supposed to be funny. See because it's like I said and then he reacts like and... so yes.

What do you want to see me write about?

Last time I made this I received the following suggestions:
Hating on Blizzard
I'm awesome
New guild mechanics

I talked about arenas and have generally spread the word that I am awesome, but the other two were untouched. I try to avoid hating, with mixed success. As for the new mechanics, frankly I'm reluctant to jump into trying to form opinions at this stage. There's too much speculation, misinformation, and incomplete designs and mechanics that, well, I remember my thoughts for WotLK and a good deal of what I said didn't pan out. The unfortunate truth is that we cannot say much based on combining what we know about the current game with what we know about the future game. I mean, we saw how that went in Jurassic Park.

I do have some thoughts about the changes coming, but I have no coherent picture of what I expect or even want to see.
Legendaries and obligation to guilds
Bind on Guild recipes and perception of property
Speculation about Bind of Guild recipes

I look forward to stealing your ideas.


SlikRX said...

Well, along those lines: would you participate in the beta, if you got an invite? Would you want a clear idea of the direction the game is taking, before it launches?

Personally, I wouldn't (not enough time as it is, as well as the fact that even Cata will get old at some point, and I'm in no mood to speed that up)

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