Faction-specific armor sets and more

| Thursday, June 3, 2010
It was recently brought up to me that having the same armor between factions looks rather silly. Is the solution to make twice as many sets, just so each faction can have a visual difference? NO! That's just extra work for no real change. Instead, I propose that Blizzard goes further and truly differentiates the factions.

Step one: Reverse the shaman-paladin cross-faction nonsense.
Step two: Divide up all the other classes as well.

Alliance - Horde
Priest - Warrior
Druid - Shaman
Rogue - Hunter
Mage - Warlock
Paladin - Death Knight

This evenly splits up the tanks, though it does leave the Alliance with a lot more healers. The obvious solution is to make warlocks way more powerful than mages.


Anonymous said...

Yanno.. with how far Blizzard has gotten from the Alliance vs. Horde thing I never understood why we still have faction boundaries.

I honestly don't see them reversing anything, or making any changes THAT big lol

This is how it should have been in the first place though. With no faction restraints however. Just because we are "born" into a certain faction shouldn't be the end all be all of interacting with opposing faction players. It should be choice. Do I want to kill him, or maybe we have similar short term goals and we can make a treaty to help each other.

That goes more along EQ2's "sides" though, what with being able to betray (and cool betrayal storylines) group and guild with the other factions and such.

More player freedom of choice is never a bad thing I always say.

Klepsacovic said...

I don't see them reversing it either. Just pie in the sky what ifs. I don't think I'd want to see a reversal like that.

The factions are a tricky thing. Originally they were good and evil (WC1 and 2) but then the Horde stopped being so awful (WC3 and novels), and greater conflicts even pulled the two sides together. However WoW has a PvP element, so the factions were enemies. To allow cross-faction communication, as they briefly did, would result in horrible flaming, profanity, and whatever else you can imagine, as it did.

I don't think the current WoW community would deal well with betrayals, nor do I think WoW would be as successful if they were possible. Ninjas and guild-hoppers are bad enough for someone who just wants to unwind a bit at the end of a day.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think they should take away all race/class restrictions completely! Who says my Draenei shouldn't be a Rogue? :(

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