Who would want to work at McDonalds?

| Friday, June 25, 2010
Earlier I asked who would want to run McDonalds. The general idea was to look at why there are almost no entry-level raiding guilds, the reason being that the raid leader gets the same tier of rewards as those he leads, so there's no incentive for a skilled raid leader to stay there rather than going up to a raid tier with better rewards. I was only looking at the raid leader, but what about his employees?

Who would want to work at McDonalds?

Imagine if we had completely free education up to the college level. Not just professors, but books, materials, beer, etc. And in this virtual world housing is either everywhere or nowhere. Who would work the jobs for high school dropouts? With our trivial heroics we can overgear ToC and get a solid set for ICC. We're all college graduates. Naxx and Ulduar, those are for uneducated idiots.

Could there be any incentive to run anything but the latest couple tiers? Obviously there would be if we didn't have so much badge loot and so many easy badges, if we couldn't skip raid tiers, but that means every alt is going through the same raid over again, and every new player has even further to climb up. 5k gearscore is annoying enough with badges, imagine that by first working up to a gear level for naxx, then ulduar, then toc, then finally ICC. Sure, technically speaking, you can do ulduar in blues and maybe toc, with ICC only needing a decent set of epics, but that's unrealistic for the majority of the population, especially with new players.

Would you want to work at McDonalds?


Aeven said...

Could there be any incentive to run anything but the latest couple tiers?

Sure... provide a way to upgrade emblems. Say there's a vendor in ICC that will take 7 Emblems of Triumph and a Token of Awesomeness, and in return, he'll give you an Emblem of Frost.

Then make the Token of Awesomeness a drop from Naxx, Ulduar, etc. bosses.

You now have an incentive for folks to run something other that the latest tier of content, especially if they're gearing alts. Blizzard can gate how fast players earn the extra EoF by controlling the drop rate for the tokens and the exchange rate for the EoT. Running Naxx, Ulduar, etc. is still a step you can skip, but if you don't, you end up with a reward that isn't completely useless in 2 weeks.

Aberron said...

I do.

I don't know why R-Type comes to mind but it does.

The idea that I'd do level 1 to power-up then skip level 2; ignore the awesome 'Fight Enormo-Space-Battleship' level 3 and, well, may as well skip level 4 seeing as I'm already powered up enough too. Instead I'll do level 5 1000 times because some other guys had already finished levels 2-4 anyway, may as well; it's not like there's a level 6 or anything.

what was I saying, why was I playing, I've forgotten? Was there a point to this? I have no idea.

Disclaimer: I've forgotten how many levels there actually were in R-Type.

Klepsacovic said...

@Aeven: I might go along with something like that if we didn't already have unlimited badges. Furthering the inflation isn't something I can support. Now if we went back to a BC-style heroic system where they can't be randomly run over and over, and aren't trivial, then I could support raids being a badge source.

@Aberron: It is rather backward that in an effort to ensure that everyone will see the new content, we don't see the old content.

Anonymous said...

Blizzard puts a lot of time and effort into developing new raid content, new storylines and new gear. Then they throw it all away a few months later. Instead of building a library of content that can be run whenever anybody wants to, they've built a fruit stand with a compost heap out back.

Andrux51 said...

What if they did something like taking a zone like Naxx and making the end-wing bosses drop 1-2 frost badges each, or in Ulduar the "end of area" bosses like IC, Vezax, and Yogg?

It would give endgame raiders a reason to (possibly) want to go to those zones, and invariably several low-end players would get dragged in when they pug for it.

Or else they should drop enough triumph badges per boss to be worth the time investment vs. doing heroics if completed quickly with all one-shots.

I'd much rather go on "Naxx badge run" than mindlessly plow heroics all day, personally. Back in TBC days I loved destroying Karazhan with my T6 guild instead of running heroics all afternoon for badges of justice, but KZ was worth the time invested for this whereas today the old raids aren't.

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