We've heard all about Blizzard's new MMO

| Sunday, June 27, 2010
You think we haven't? That's because you're blind. It's all so clear, so obvious.

The 'secret' new MMO is...

The Old Republic.


Video Game Philosopher said...

Eh, TOR will flop, and Blizzard wouldn't invest in it.

If they would have they'd be smart enough to make it more similar to SWG. lets face it the biggest problem with the original SWG (besides class balance accross 22 professions) was the prevalance of jedi in an era where there shouldn't be that many jedi. Setting it in the old republic era solves that problem.

We Fly Spitfires said...

I really don't think TOR will flop. In fact, I think it's going to out-Blizzard Blizzard at their own game and do to World of Warcraft what WoW did to EQ.

Hmh.. did any of the above make any sense to anyone? :)

Sven said...

The plan for TOR looks sound, but it remains to be seen how well Bioware have actually executed it. Given their track record, there's a fair chance that it's been done right, but I'll reserve judgement; the MMO world is littered with the corpses of "WOW-killers".

Mister K said...

TOR will be fine as long as they work on making a quality game and not try to be a WOW-killer. It sounds like they are from everything I've heard. Basically they have tons of valuable information out there on what not to do from all the other MMO's that have tried and failed.

Klepsacovic said...

@VGP: With the amount they've spent on it, I don't think Bioware could afford to make a SWG-like game. Sandboxes, as I've seen, tend to be niches. They need a huge base to pay for their huge investment. But maybe with MMOs being cominated by theme parks on the WoW end and complex sandbox on the EVE end, maybe there's a wide-open market for a sandbox which doesn't overwhelm new players.

@Gordon: Make leveling fun and de-emphasize the endgame?

@Sven: WoW won't be killed by a WoW killer, just by a superior game which can draw off enough people to subvert the social attechments in WoW. I think a Star Wars MMO can have that initial draw.

@Mister K: With all their talk of story, they might actually be breaking away from WoW-cloning.

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