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| Friday, March 30, 2012
My rogue is a miner and a jewelcrafter, a pretty terrible jewelcrafter due to having been reactivated only recently. These are not how she gets rich. Her true profession is as a rogue. She's a maxed-out pickpocket, optimized with a spec for faster run speed (and another for even faster when stealthed), a glyph to extend the range of pickpocket, and another to making unlocking those boxes instant. If she leaves stealth, it is with a killing spree, to wipe out any group guarding the precious locked chests. Her usual farming area is Blackrock Spire, mostly in the lower part since the upper area is filled with pocketless dragons and requires unprofitable combat to get in very far. Sometimes she ventures in Blackrock Caverns or random heroics, where can find all manner of flame-scarred boxes, rare alcohols, and a few coins as well. Notice how all of this is possible only because she is a rogue. No other class can pickpocket and only at some expense can blacksmiths and engineers deal with all those locks. Thanks to Insane in the Membrane, there is a small but lucrative market for heavy junkboxes.

What other class is a profession? None to the extent of the rogue. A mage may find a bit of gold here and there for portals and maybe food. Less often a warlock may find himself lucky enough to be in a position to execute a paid summoning. Once upon a time druids could sell their services as summoners of a boss who drops a bird mount that cannot fly. No more for them.

Is there room for more classes to have profession capabilities?


le Captain said...

While unable to offer any services in the same way a rogue can in lockpicking services or a mage as the portal-taxi, I still say that Warriors have some decgree of validity in the "class as a profession" statement.

How so? Well, the warrior-type (ireelevant of his/her moral compass) is the epitome of the wandering adventure. Come into town, find work out in the field, go out and bash things, come back and be paid. Questing, dungeons, raiding, even dailies... it's really all in a day's work. No matter what you decided to do as a player (or the nature of your character's personal alignment - if you're the roleplaying type) the invariably mercenary tasks you will perform are your warrior's profession and main source of income.

Now admittedly, WoW isn't like some games where your big brutish warrior can threaten to (or actively) beat the quest-givers to a bloody pulp to whiddle a few extra gold out of them - which is unfortunate in my opinion.

Video Game Philosopher said...

Tanks of all stripes are a profession...I cannot count the number of times i've been offered gold to stay for "one more heroic" or offered gold upfront to run x number of heroics for people. Tank instant-queue is a goldmine

Klepsacovic said...

@Unknown: The warrior certainly is what I think of when I think of "adventurer". I think it's because being able to beat things to death is always a useful skill.

@VGP: Maybe I should try that more often; I've only done it a few times.

Video Game Philosopher said...

The gold offered is almost never worth it, especially given how often that gold just never seems to appear when it *is* a decent amount (Translation: Get paid up front)

Kring said...

> especially given how often that gold just never
> seems to appear when it *is* a decent amount

Did you try to open a ticket? If it was agreed upon in ingame chat a GM should be able to verify that and act accordingly.

Doesn't look that much different to me then not paying out the pot in gold DKP and there were many confirmations that Blizzard seems to act there.

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