In a rush? Pass on loot!

| Wednesday, March 28, 2012
"Looting this item will bind it too you."

You're a person on the go. You can't wait around for loot rolls. You kill the boss and drop the group. So why waste time clicking twice when you could just click once? That's right, if you hit pass, you're done! Since you dropped group the instant you hit greed, you weren't getting the loot anyway.

There is, of course, one downside. If you take the tenth of a second to hit greed before you drop group, you lose out on the 20% chance to screw someone out of a bit of gold for no actual gain to yourself. And that is definitely worth the time for someone like you.


lancore said...

"And that is definitely worth the time for someone like you."
Nah, it isn't.
I'm proudly passing since wrath!

But even better: get an addon for less obtrusive roll frames and don't even bother clicking anything at all. Yay!

Klepsacovic said...

"don't even bother clicking anything at all."
That's part of the problem, the people who don't click and then we're waiting half an hour (exaggerated) for the auto-pass.

Anonymous said...

If people in my group are being douchebags, doing and saying things that are uncalled for (random's are infamous for them) and nothing drops for me at the end, yeah I will not click the loot at all so there is inconvenience for them. Frustrated player (douchebag) begets douchebag.

Klepsacovic said...

If 4/4 other people in the group are being jerks, then fine. But if it isn't 4/4, then you're hurting at least one innocent person.

Anonymous said...

Not hitting pass on loot is not that same thing as ninja'ing then bailing and winning the item no one will ever get. It's not hurting the person to wait a minute to loot, although I do tend to see how the decent people roll and pass for them but the douchebags in the group with better gear would ninja the gear anyway because that is what people in this game do. At least I don't take loot I know I won't use even if I can equip it.

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