A Series of [Potentially] Fortunate Events

| Wednesday, March 14, 2012
If you follow me on Twitter (or watch my mini-post feed on the right of the page) you might have seen me go on a small screenshot flurry. I started digging through some more, initially planning to delete some of the thousands (and those are just that folder, I have another one from vanilla). And then I saw a few of friends and guild members, a few of us sitting outside Mechanar (yes, there are outsides to instances) and screenshots of guild first kills. Hell of a nostalgia high.

On a whim I stuck one of the friend's names into the armory. Lo, the strange, misspelled name, a little bit higher level, of the same race and class and server. And with activity within the last few days. Still playing! I hopped over to that server to send a letter saying hello.

Then I saw someone looking to buy heavy junkboxes for the Insane. I was broke on that server due to my paladin looting everyone during the server transfer, and I had some slight thought of staying there for a little bit, so I asked about the boxes. 20g each sounded pretty good, so I hopped on my rogue and headed to LBRS, my old sneaking ground. My guilded rogue. Woah. My rogue was in a guild. The same guild I'd abandoned, leaving behind friends, for reasons I cannot quit remember, but having something to do with other friends moving for reasons I cannot remember. I hadn't been kicked, even after well over a year inactive, from my time out of WoW plus whenever I'd switched. How strange.

I said hello. People who I remembered remembered me. The guild was active, with new people, and raids. 10-mans, but raids! I could give real raiding a try. Alas, no 85s on the server. But my rogue is fun and she's 80. By the time I write this, within a day, I am 82. That could put me at 85 and with a small pile of justice points within a week. Putting my various professions to use, along with more pickpocketing, could give me the gold to buy some more gear. Those BoE valor point items would be nice. In a couple weeks I could be ready to be marginally useful in raids.

I could play, with friends, and not those useless real-life friends who play like noobs (no offense to my few real life friends who aren't noobs). WoW friends! With friends again, it could actually be worth playing. It's a much different experience to log on and not be so damn alone. I could kidnap my priest friend for Molten Core and everyone else for everything else. The world is a whole lot bigger when it has people in it.

Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up too much, but maybe I should, so as to avoid Self-Fulfilling Nihilism.

Now if only rogues could tank so my queues weren't so long... (No, Syl, I'm not making a Rift tank rogue)


Kring said...

> Now if only rogues could tank

Especially since DW tanking was awesome... wtb frost* rogues.

*) The real frost, not the new frost crap.

Tesh said...

I do wish Rogues had a dodge tank spec. I'm fine with them not really having a healing spec, but they could be more fun with a tanking spec uniquely suited to Rogueing. Dodge, distract, befuddle, sap, slow, smoke bomb, all that Roguey stuff... it could make for a new, fun, dynamic style of tanking.

Klepsacovic said...

@Kring: I miss frost tanking. Blood just wasn't much fun.

@Tesh: Acupuncture.

Dwism said...

@tesh; I think thats what the monks will get

Syl said...

pfff...at least we could use you in RIFT!

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