Sapped Men Can't Say No

| Friday, March 23, 2012
I can't believe this guild doesn't exist.

By my count on, there are 92 guild names including the phrase "sapped girls" and another three of "sapped women can't say no". Just searching "sapped" yields a strangely high number of EU guilds called "sapped cows cant say moo". "Sap" results in a variety of names such as "sap girls cant say no", since apparently sapped was already taken and who wants to join someone else's rape joke guild? Ew. There are a dozen or so variants of "sap it before you tap it".

But c'mon, guys, rape is hilarious! Why isn't there a gay guild called "sapped men cant say no"? or a straight guild that recognizes that this would be funny, right? I mean, a woman can join a guild about female rape, why don't men join one about male rape?

It's almost as if men don't like the idea of men getting raped and neither do women.

[edit] Today my warrior got an invite from Sapped Gurls Cant Say No


Syl said...

I struggle for words.
/cringe will have to do for now.

theB said...

additional evidence for my "95% of mankind" theory.

/close world

Anonymous said...

According to Criminal law in my coutry, men can't be raped by woman (it's not rape), but only by other men. This makes my opinion on your topic - it sounds gay to me. I wouldn't join a guild with this name.

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