Why you should use a boring mount

| Monday, April 2, 2012
Turning into a dragon is definitely cool.  Carrying friends to great heights and dropping them is cool too.  Having friends is overrated.

What isn't cool, but is definitely valuable, is being able to land.  With the small, boring, basic mounts, landing is easy.  You know right away where the center is, where the feet are.  When you need to land on tiny outcroppings to get minerals, herbs, or just need a good spot from which to rain down terror on soon-to-be terrified enemies, having a small mount helps.

My own experience with landing the big mounts has shown that they are much trickier.  The worst may be the dragons, which always seem to be an inch away from landing but are still insistent on flapping their wings.

There is the option of dismounting before the mount has settled, but if it isn't landing, you're probably going to end up on a steady downward slope.

In most situations this all just means you waste a little bit of time moving around trying to get the unwieldy dragon to land.  But sometimes, it means someone else wins the race, to the ore, the herb, or the rare.  You can't have that.

Don't let vanity stand in the way of the pyrium vein that you've earned by flying in circle for hours!

P.S. I'm re-restarting my political blog over at Delusions of Truth.  This could result in 25% less randomly political posts here.  No promises.


Truny said...

This is a great tip for hunters trying to catch the spirit bird Ban'thalos, or devious folk who like to land on tree-tips and summon their friends to their deaths! The regular wind riders is the way to go!

Klepsacovic said...

Speaking ways to kill friends with summons...
When new players are brought into LFD, they go to the location of the group guide. If the group guide is a rogue and stealthing in the middle of a pack of mobs, well you can figure it out. :)

K. White said...

Awww...but I just got my Darkmoon Dancing Bear and want to show him off!

Tesh said...

Pfft, play a Druid and use Flight Form. Nice, small footprint compared to pretty much any mount, and if you miss and wind up sliding down the hill, you can just shift into Flight Form again and fly back up.

Fettsbounty said...

If you think it's bad with the regular dragons and other extravagant mounts, you're in for a huge surprise should you ever try the Heart of the Aspects mount. It never lands. It instead hovers over the ground but never parks it's feet. If it wasn't for it's sweet snake like swimming animation I wouldn't be bothering with it.

Dara said...


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