Which way would your emblems flow?

| Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Gnomaggedon wants to see BoA everything. This is why we take the word of gnomes with a bit of salt. But what if emblems were BoA?

Which way would you emblems flow? Would you play your main and gear up alts? Or would you play alts without guilt, knowing your main would still benefit?


Kara said...

I would likely play my tanking main and my tanking alt and healing alt the most... depending on what I felt like and gear up additional toons.

Mister K said...

I think it would give me more variety and I would play more of my alts knowing that my main wouldn't fall behind because I could just send him my emblems

G-Rebel said...

I play with anyone I want anyway. My main is which ever one I'm playing with at the moment. I can earn emblems so fast with anyone, I don't know it would matter much who I played with.

Green Armadillo said...

EQ2 actually went and made almost all dungeon BOP loot and basically all of its emblems and world event currencies heirloom. The idea is that you can gear your alts by continuing to heal PUG's on your main. I don't know how successful it has been, but I've heard rumblings of envy over the new WoW group finder.

B_Dragon said...

If emblems were BoA? Seriously?

I'd play my Pally and Hunter and not worry about my Druid and DK alts anymore - I'll be farming emblems on my mains and using them to gear my alts!

Leah said...

I'd be still playing my alts as much as I do now, but I'd be sending all my thriumph emblems to my alts and all my emblems of frost to my main, who would be sporting at least 2 pieces of t10 by now if I could do that... I enjoy playing multiple characters far too much to ever settle on just one (plus what's the point of gearing alts if you're not playing them) but it would be nice to have better emblem distribution for them.

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