Why you should reroll

| Sunday, December 6, 2009
If your server is anything like the ones I've been on, trade chat is a cesspool of stupid. In a just world we would have the opportunity to beat them senseless.

You've probably had some horrible PUGs as well. Someone ninjaed. Someone pulled wrong. There are all sorts of ways for them to screw up and they've done them. Wouldn't it be nice to kill them the way they killed you?

And really, when you see the ten thousandth Aarthas or Killzu, do you not wish to killzthem?

There's a way! Reroll.

Last night I discovered something: It feels really great to see an undead rogue named Daballz and kill him. Over and over. Sometimes I get the drop on him. Sometimes he gets the drop on me. But he dies. And dies. And maybe someday he will realize: he wouldn't have died so many times if his name was not so stupid.

P.S. Apparently the rogue was someone's cousin's alt, so he cried and sent two 80s to camp me. I then wished I had my paladin on the server and Alliance-side so I could do horrible things to them, because by all indications they were garbage. The time between rogue dead and me dead was at least half an hour. So maybe be careful, people with terrible names have persistent friends. By persistent friends I mean "friends with absolutely no ability to spend their time well."


kaozz said...

"If your server is anything like the ones I've been on, trade chat is a cesspool of stupid. In a just world we would have the opportunity to beat them senseless."

I know how you feel, some days it's just that bad lol.

Klepsacovic said...

Only some days? Your server sounds civilized.

Dwism said...

I do the same while driving. If I do not flip bad drivers off, or honk at em - how will they ever learn???

Mrs dw-redux tends to disagree, but I enjoy making the world a better place, once driver at the time. (i do these things in wow to, but at a lesser degree)

jeffo said...

"It's not me; it's YOU!"

Klepsacovic said...

@Dw-rud: You remind me of my dad, failing to recognize that people tend to have no clue why you're doing what you're doing. They think you're flipping them off because you're an asshole, not because they cut you off.

@jeffo: Exactly.

Mudge said...

This is why I have toons on both factions.I wish Blizz would allow PVP with your own side to save us the hassle of logging in our designated hitters.
Sometimes you just need to beat the stupid outta folks.

Klepsacovic said...

@Mudge: As a start: spamming someone with a duel flag will automatically start a duel, but the spammer cannot fight back. Also debuffs aren't removed at the end of the fight.

Henrik Borg said...

A ranting post about killing people with stupid names, and then finish it with the words "no ability to spend their time well." - Priceless

Klepsacovic said...

@Henrik Borg: You appear to have misread if you believe that this was rant-length/quality or that the only focus was people with dumb names.

It was time well-spent regardless, I had fun writing it. This is why I have a blog, for fun. It's pretty efficient in that there's no grind to it, I simply enjoy every post I write. The ones I don't enjoy don't get written. This puts me at a much higher ratio of fun/time than I imagine the campers got. If we look at it in relative terms, I switched to my other characters and had almost no loss of fun, while I imagine they got rather bored.

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