Dear Bloggers, re: Gnomeggedon

| Tuesday, December 1, 2009

As per the orders of Gnomegeddon, I have removed word verification. And I also noticed that I don't allow anonymous comments. I changed that.

Now you can post without word verification and without having any sort of account. Please, don't use this as an excuse to start trolling, spamming, and flaming. I'm not too worried, since apparently my blog doesn't attract douchebags. That's something I appreciate, so I'll take this time to do something I don't do often enough:

Thank you, readers. You're awesome.

But please comment more. :)

P.S. Pretend there's ice cream here. If we all pretend to have it, we might trick the gnome.
P.S.S. I made this change yesterday morning. By last night I saw my first spam comment, on some post way back. When I find these I will nuke them entirely out of existence.


Fish said...

I get a little spam, but by and large it's not too bad. My problem with commenting is that my work semi-blocks it. If it's on a different page I can comment, if it is embedded, not so much. And they have blocked gnomeageddon's blog entirely, blech!

Mister K said...

Did you say ice cream? mmmmm ice cream.

James said...

Kleps! You may not remember me, but I was part of the old @ crew on the Pally Forums (Crom).

I'm slow for not paying attention to the author's name on most blogs. Now that I know it's your blog, I'll definitely comment.

Klepsacovic said...

@Fish: Stupid work. What do they think we're supposed to do there? Work? Terrible idea.

@Kister K: Yep! Here's a bowl.

@James: Ah, hello! Ah old times...
*suffers nostalgia attack*

Anonymous said...


I smells icecream.. Whereisit... Whereisit...

What No Pav?

Well this will be a nice little experiment. It appears that noone is immune to the spam, so it's really going to be about the balance.

Hey Fish did you try that Firefox addon that let's you comment directly from the feedreader?

I think it opens up the original in the reader, but I think with the feed's URL rather than the posts.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm nice!

WordVerification of the day: Ihaznoverification

Dwism said...

removing word verification is so nice. Thank you

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