Maybe gnomes aren't so bad afterall

| Monday, December 28, 2009
I have to admit, even if I don't play him a ton, really do enjoy my gnome DK.
And the Wondervolt transformer is... cool.
I don't think I'm of the proper mentality to play a gnome, especially since they lack paladins, but maybe I'll stop punting them. So often.


Dwism said...

I know that one day... some day.
Ill have to roll a gnome aswell.
I did have fun with my gnome warrior "missyelliot" -but that name didn't go over well for a purplehaired warrior... Dunno why, i always thought that was very much in the missy Elliot spirit. Ah well. Maybe one day... Maybe.
(doesnt the inside perspective just give you more ammunition to punt em? Don't ever stop, they like it!)

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