Saturday Superstar: DPS in LFG

| Saturday, December 12, 2009
I admire you guys. Your dedication is truly amazing. I could not do what you do.

No really, how the hell do you wait for so long to find groups? I had the urge to try out my shiny new Quel'Delar so instead of my usual tank/DPS checks, I picked only DPS. And then I waited. And waited.

After five minutes I decided to make a MC group because if it's going to take forever to form a group, I might as well get a shot at a worthless mace. An 80 rogue asked if he could come. And told me his gear score.

Yep, apparently MC has gear checks now. At level 80.

Then I queued for an instance as a tank and got in instantly. During the run someone went all glowy and light poured out and wtf was that? It was like when someone gains rep, but white instead of green. And why is that priest only 79? I know heroics are easy these days, but I didn't know sub-80s could get in.

Yep, turns out I'd done a random instance instead of heroic. Fastest UP run ever. At least I got a badge out of it.


Stabs said...

I think the way dps players traditionally queue is to be doing something else while queued.

So they could be in battlegrounds or auction house or out farming or semi-afk in Dalaran.

As evidence to support this theory I point to the fact that they never used to move to the meeting stone unless physically threatened.

Klepsacovic said...

@Stabs: You got them to move? They always dropped group when I tried that.

More seriously, I think everyone does something else when they're queued. The difference now is that doing something else will no longer mean wasting the group's time. I know that I'm much more willing to leave halfway through a quest if I get ported directly back rather than if I have to fly all over again.

Leah said...

it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get a group as a dps on average, at least on my server. i you are looking for a specific instance, it might take a bit longer, unless that instance is one of the new ones. it is still loads better and faster then sitting in Dalaran, spamming trade chat with "dps looking for group any heroic" or putting yourself into queue and hoping to get an invite.

I've had days when I would be able to finish an entire set of dailies and farm a bit before getting invite (and I've had days when I would never get one so I'd just give up and log, becasue I hate just sitting there twidling my thumbs) and forget it if you play a DK or lesser degree a hunter.

In my personal experience healers and tanks were just as likely to sit there waiting for a summon as a dps :/

Ateve said...

I was courious to find out how long it would take if I didn't click the healer button, but no so much to try it.

It does make another observation I've seen actually make sense, the ppl still spamming trade for groups. I realize now they are almost always 3dps lf a tank/healer combo.

LFG has helped with my servers tank shortage (nice sinse I'm a healer) but I think they may be less tank/healer combos for all the dps out there.

Maybe I'll take my quest green pally and see how long it would take to inflict some randoms with my minute dps.

Klepsacovic said...

@Leah: I wasn't twiddling my thumbs in Dalaran, I was counting my epics. I've never really had trouble finding groups as a tank, just sometimes it would be a bit slow. So I'd get geared up faster, burn out, and have nothing else to do.

@Ateve: I would sometimes see people claim those groups are actually LFG, because the tank and healer are the group and the DPS are just addons.

Kromus said...

lucky for me, i have a friend who is tank, and tanks = gold with this tool at the moment, with healers being silver and finally DPS as copper coins you can't bare to pick up in public.

however when im alone, As Stabs rightly said, currently I'm grinding wintersaber rep, and this allows me to do quite a lot of what i need to do whilst in the que, keeping both nice and fresh.

Klepsacovic said...

@Kromus: Be nice to him and thank him constantly! With the weird mob pathing, tanking is getting frustrating for me.

G-Rebel said...

I was told the big, bad Horde didn't care about gear score. Oh well, that shatters my hopes and dreams.

Klepsacovic said...

@G-Rebel: I don't care about gear score. Unless you're really bad like this DK I ran into. He claimed it was okay because he had a bunch of 245 geared 80s. I'm not sure how that made his alt less terrible.

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