Why we are not dead yet

| Friday, December 11, 2009
Spoiler alert. Stop here if you've not done the new heroics yet.

Arthas is holding back the Scourge from annihilating all of us. At first this makes no sense. He cut out his hard and it was destroyed. Tirion said there's nothing but a monster left. How could Arthas be protecting us if he has no good left in him?

Arthas the Lich King is not. He's trying to kill us. But Frostmourne on the other hand...

Arthas, the brave paladin who would sacrifice anything, even his own soul to save his people, he had his soul taken by Frostmourne. He's in there. And along with all the other souls, they may be able to restrain the Lich King.

This may also explain why Arthas would leave Frostmourne somewhere else. He may know that the blade is holding him back. But he cannot reject it or let it fall into other hands, for then he'd lose power. So he leaves it in the Halls of Reflection. As an added benefit, it acts as bait, luring in irritants like Jaina and Sylvanas where they can be destroyed or enslaved.


Copperbird said...

I liked the explanation that he leaves frostmourne in a room on its own because otherwise his dad comes out of it and nags him.

Hana said...

I hadn't really thought about it that way. Even though I did the three new 5-mans, I didn't get to enjoy them very much because I felt like I was making everyone wait. :( I was the only newbie in my group.

Ateve said...

I like it, there really hasn't been alot in the lore about Frostmourne really. Ner'zhul had his soul trapped in the sword and armor so he could be controlled, though this was uneffective.

The sword holds the souls of all who were killed by it, and it was designed to control the Lich King. Maybe the souls are gaining some power over Arthas?

Is the Lich King being held in check by the souls of his father, his mentor, and himself from within the blade?

Klepsacovic said...

@Spinks: Heh.

@Hana: I hope you're able to find a group at your face. I know I like to go a bit slowly at first, look around and see what there is to see.

@Ateve: Is Ner'zhul in the sword? I thought he was in the armor and the sword was given to him to control undead. My lore is getting a bit fuzzy.

Stabs said...

Perhaps Frostmourne is secretly Frosty the Snowman in a sword outfit?

Klepsacovic said...

Frosty the swordman was a lot of captured souls,
With a cornucopia of demon magic
And two eyes made out of soul.
Frosty the swordman is a fairy scary tale,
He was made of metal but the Legion
Know how he came to life one day.
There must have been some magic in that
Old shaman they found.
For when they placed him in his throne
He began to hunt around.
O, Frosty the swordman
Was undead as he could be,
And the acolytes say he could hunt
And kill just the same as you and me.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Look at Frosty go.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Over the Icecrown snow.

Frosty the swordman knew
The Light was hot that day,
So he said, "Let's run and
We'll have some fun
Now before I melt away."
Down to the village,
With a Frostmourne in his hand,
Running here and there all
Around the square saying,
Escape me if you can.
He led them down the streets of town
Right to the necromancer.
And he only paused a moment when
He heard him holler "Rise!"
For Frosty the swordman
Had to hurry on his way,
But he waved goodbye saying,
"Don't you cry,
I'll be back again some day."
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Look at Frosty go.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Over the Icecrown snow.

Ateve said...

The lore is surprisingly sparse on what Frostmourne actually is.

Originally the Lich King forged it himself when he was trapped in the armor, but that's been retconned to it was made by the Nathrezim and his soul was bound to both it and the armor.

What the sword has done sinse it was ejected from the frozen throne has been well documented, but the extent of its abilities and the reason why it was made are a lovely gray area in the lore.

Makes for more fun discussions this way.

jeffo said...

Uther says: Even if you were to strike down the Lich King, another would have to take his place....A grand sacrifice by a noble soul...
Jaina says: Who could bear such a burden?

Methinks we now know what will happen to Tirion Fordring. But doesn't that mean that we'll surely end up with 'Wrath of the Lich King II'?

Klepsacovic said...

@Ateve: Can you source the original lore on the armor? That's new to me.

@jeffo: Fortunately, I think Tirion is too pure to become evil. We could potentially have a good Lich King. In that case I imagine he'd free the sentients which he could (second Forsaken) and maybe the rest would be used as labor to help rebuild the world. He'd probably slaughter the free members, such as the Cult of the Damned and all the necromancers.

Unfortunately, I don't think it will be Tirion.

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