A day in the life of Iapetes

| Sunday, December 27, 2009
If you have no idea who that is, he's a friend I met on the forums who briefly was a co-blogger here. Then he stopped because he's illiterate, a condition brought on my excessive arena play. I thought I'd tell you about a typical day for him.

Wake up.
Put on pants with great difficulty due to attempting to put in both legs at once.
Log in and stare at his character for a while. Contemplate a hair change, but reject it as "too belfishly gay."
Get on IM and correct Klepsacovic when he says "Good morning" at 2PM. Note: This isn't because I get up late, I just have no real sense of time.
Talk to Klepsacovic and get overwhelmed by his brilliance.

(6:17:03 PM) klepsacovic: you know, if I sold my holy set, I'd have bank space for my PvP set
(6:17:15 PM) klepsacovic: and then I'd have more space for farming 60 isntances
(6:18:12 PM) klepsacovic: or I could destroy my PvP set too, because arenas are dumb, and I'd have even more space!
(6:18:52 PM) klepsacovic: or if I deleted all my gear, I'd have tons of space AND as I pick up greys I could wear them, and not take up any bag space
(6:18:59 PM) klepsacovic: I see absolutely no problems with this idea

Log out, taking ten minutes to stare at new epics before finally closing WoW.

P.S. Apologies if this is too inside joke. Short version: I call him an elitist for just about everything: arenas, raids, having gold, not having gold, buying gems, selling gems, being ret, having an alt that does more than craft and mail gold ot my main.


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