Loss of community? What loss of community?

| Thursday, December 10, 2009
Earlier I'd predicted some loss of community from the cross-realm LFG. We'd see more ninjas and rudeness and people dropping after the first wipe.

I seem to have been wrong. I have run into very few problems. There was a mage who went afk for a long time without saying anything who we couldn't kick because we'd not gotten saved yet. And in the same group a rather impatient shaman.

But ninjas? Not that I've noticed. I am of course assuming that the people rolling need on orbs just come from different server norms. This doesn't seem like a flawed assumption given that they weren't rolling needs on the drops. Maybe that means they preferred a 20% change at shards vs. a 100% chance on a few gold vendor; but let's not start assuming ninjas are rational!

Early leavers? Only on the first night when the servers were horribly buggy anyway.

But people have been polite, even friendly. Joining and saying hello and asking how people are doing and seeming happy to meet totally new people. They say thanks for the group and nice to meet you and good run.

How surprised the pessimist can be when assuming the worst in others!

Part Two: Loot
I've been running random heroics all day. Well not quite all day since I hate to eat and take a final and have nerdy conversations with friends; but enough that I've done 11 heroics; three of them the new ones. But that's 8 totally random. Why? I don't need any of the loot.

I've not been counting badges to save up for something. I'm not farming shards or rep or gold of any sort. I'm just... running instances. They're fun to do!

Maybe we actually weren't all completely sick of heroics. Maybe we can have fun running the same instances over again. Not as much fun as the first time. Nowhere close. But if we cut out the travel time and make it quick and easy to find groups, we're still in positive territory for fun.

The loot has become a nice bonus. And I've gotten a few nice bonuses already. :)


Stabs said...

Good to hear but I'm not really surprised.

Most people pug pretty well. Also the pool of puggers used to be people who can't get guild groups, now I assume everyone is pugging for the additional rewards and to try out the system.

So people who are used to playing nice with guildies are bringing that playstyle to pugs.

Klepsacovic said...

@Stabs: That makes sense. Though I'm also trying to make a good impression for my server.

kaozz said...

I love the new system, though I have had an item 'ninja looted'.

While the mass of people over the shared Battle Groups are large, there is still a chance you will group together again. I have grouped with the same people with the random invite on two occasions so far.

Klepsacovic said...

@kaozz: Statistics with huge samples are amazing sometimes, aren't they?

Darraxus said...

I have really been enjoying the new LFG and random dungeon feature. I get to do my favorite thing (5 mans) only faster than before.

G-Rebel said...

I've had all good experiences so far. I too have noticed that some servers rolling need on orbs is the norm, confirmed by many I've spoken with on my own server.

It's an all new community and has been quite fun so far. I know that I'm pugging for extra rewards to help build up my off-spec. But I pugged a lot before, and it seems that there are nice people everywhere, the idiots not being as numerous (there are some) as we like to think.

Bad experiences tend to weigh more heavily on our minds than the normal, every day good ones.

Klepsacovic said...

@Darraxus: Faster seems to be more fun in this case.

@G-Rebel: The orb thing has been trouble sometimes, but thankfully there haven't been any big fights as fast as I've seen. People seem to apologize and then shrug it off.

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