Things you regret in the morning

| Sunday, September 6, 2009
Quitting WoW is one of them.

Last night I felt terrible. I still do. I have a cold which is screwing with my throat, so it's hard to swallow and breathing isn't much fun. My nose isn't a waterfall, more of a glacier, now imagine how much it would hurt to have a slow-moving sheet of ice in your nose, except without the numbing cold.

I was also tired. I'd tried to get to sleep early at 11:30 (compared to my usual 12-1). Great idea when sick, right? Well I'd not remembered that people are loud in dorms. For a little while I clung to the hope that people would quiet down when quiet hours started, indicating that I am a hopelessly hopeful. After a while I asked someone to turn down his very loud soccer game (played with the door open, it was actually at a reasonable volume except for that). Woo, quiet. Until someone started a normal volume conversation in the room next to me. The walls do nothing at all to block sound.

I also was considering playing EVE again. A pretty stupid idea considering I've played it twice before and it never lasted more than a couple weeks before I got frustrated with the slow progression. It's all fine to be in the same ship for months if you can entertain yourself with the massive PvP and politics and all that, but if you are still figuring out how to fight well and you're not swimming in currency or ore to buy new ships and fittings every time you fail, well fighting NPC pirates gets boring.

There are two days left. I probably should just resubscribe before then. When I wake up and my first thought is taking my druid to Outland, that probably means I want to keep playing. Or that means I should quit. Maybe it's both.

And when did my bank alt get a wedding ring?


LarĂ­sa said...

Are you seriously considering quitting WoW? Think it over when you've got your health back.

I wish I could hand over a pint of our Very Special Drink of the House. It would cure you in a blink, I assure you! (Pink Magic)

Now I'm just waving from a distance, sending you my thoughts.

I hope you'll get better soon. Maybe you can hope that you've infected your neighbours, in that case I guess they'll go quiet...

Stabs said...

Get well soon mate.

If you want to play Eve get me to send you a buddykey. You get an extra week's trial (and I get an extra month).

With Eve I think it works best as a game you just dabble in. I don't think I would have liked it in the first month if it had been my only game.

It works very well as a game where you log for a day then come back and think "cool" my auction house stuff has sold, my buy orders have restocked my merchandise, my skills have gone up.

It's not a substitute for WoW if you have been a heavy WoW player who has got a bit bored.

3 months in I'm finding I play it a lot. I have a sub to Eve and one to SWG (plus a second sub to Eve that's paid for with Eve money). I'm not really playing SWG at all now, Eve has taken over.

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: I'm feeling a bit better already, aside from that hunger you get because being sick makes everything not look good to eat, so then you're stuck with soup and tea and those don't fill you up for long. Maybe the Pink Magic is working.

@Stabs: I'll consider your offer. I won't do anything until a few days have passed, since rejoining EVE would seriously reduce the chances of resubscribing to WoW, and I'm really noticing that assassination is fun.

Sweetcherrie said...

Your bank alt eloped? o_O did you go past the doc already?

G-Rebel said...

I had (actually still have) a cold from last week. Didn't play, didn't check out any blogs, just crashed. When I tried to log in Sunday to WoW it crashed and I can't get back into my main. I think I'm regretting playing before I got better. Maybe I passed a virus to my computer. First time in history!

Klepsacovic said...

I resubscribed.

@Shy: I suppose it would be a good idea to get her tested.

@G-Rebel: Damn you! Quarantine! Not playing WoW is the worst disease since swine flu, which really isn't all that terrifying.

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