It's all backwards now: DPS leveling

| Monday, September 7, 2009
Remember when it was a pain to level the non-pure classes? Oh sure, warriors and shamans could hurt things a good bit, but we were no hunters or warlocks. Don't even get me started on priests. Shadow? Psh, still a miserable experience. Smite smite smite for so long; an up-to-date wand wasn't a convenience, it was the only thing between painful leveling and deleting the character.

Want an alt that can solo well? Get a DPS.
Want an alt that you can level in less than a year? Get a DPS.

It's all backwards now.

Hybrids have a lot more damage than before. Quests and instances give gear that helps them kill. Their specs aren't split into Healing and Bad. They can solo like pure DPS classes, maybe better if you consider the self-healing for less down time.

Here's where it gets really crazy: instances. How often have you seen "lf2m instance healer and tank?" That's a few DPS who got together to run an instance and now they're stuck. What do they do? If they were hybrids, they might just rewrite their message to "lfm instance." They can tank and heal. If you're willing to do it, it's easy to get into instances as a tank or healer. As DPS, much harder.

Without instances soloing can end up as a endless lonely grind. And that is the fate of the pure DPS. They are like the elemental shaman laughed out of a group and the fury warrior without a shield; they are the useless exiles.

My three 80s are all tanking classes. My next highest character is a shaman. Somewhere in the mid 70s is a warlock, exiled and alone on the Alliance. Next is a priest. After that a rogue (exception) and then a druid (he tanks whenever he can). Below these are the hunter and mage. The druid is moving up fast, boosted by excellent soloing and easy groups as a tank.

Remember when the easy classes to level were DPS, not hybrids?


Green Armadillo said...

Yeah, it is a bit of a strange new world. It's too bad that they're also toning down the combat challenge in general, otherwise being a pure DPS might actually be harder than being a hybrid.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that leveling my Mage was any harder than leveling my Shaman...

However, I have to spend less time picking my fights... just charge in, fer not if my totem picks up one... or two.. or 3 more.

I am actually finding I have to fight to heal in instances, the one thing consistently missing are tanks.

Either there are no capable classes... or they don't want to tank/lead.

Of course everyone knows a DK to tank the instance for you...

Mmmm word verification = ousbogun

You trying to suggest I am an Aussie Bogan?

Klepsacovic said...

@Green Armadillo: It would be nice if mobs were 'compressed'; harder to kill but granting more gold and xp and maybe more frequent drops.

@gnomeaggedon: Ah yes, the DKs. Today's winners included the one DPSing in frost presence and spamming death grip and the other who ditched his badass starting zone weapon for a pair of green swords, and he was not even frost.

If the word verification is offensive, it's not my fault. I didn't even know I had it.

Ngita said...

Well my verification was close enough to rexxar that could say it was showing horde pride. OH and many bogans take pride in being bogans:)

Not 100% sure your commment is true, everywhere, I have dps'ed in groups more on my warior then tanked. Perhaps its the pve server thing but tanks/healers at all levels are relativily abundant, lf1dps even lf3dps are not uncommon.

Having said that the difference between my level 20ish warrior in deadmines blues and good greens at the end of classci and the same warrior in his 30's with BOA and bit of gold spent on enchants and greens. A 3 pull has gone from a death trap to something I charge into revelling in the rage, knowing I will finish at 90% hp.

Stabs said...

Tbh back in 2005 hybrids were considered over-powered because they could heal themselves.

Back in the days of soloing elite outdoor quests I had a lot of fun with hybrids. Druids in particular had an ability to handle extreme fights: warstomp heal ftw.

Warrior was the worst to solo with but even Rogue was pretty horrible when each fight left you at 20% life.

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