RL posts are boring

| Monday, September 7, 2009
You know they type; they talk about the RL situation of the poster. It's not that what happened was boring, but that often the reader, or at least I, don't feel much connection to their RL selves. A very few people I might care, but in general my thoughts are "I wanted WoW and you give me this?" It's disappointing.

Sometimes I care, like when our favorite gnome was in distress. No our other favorite gnome. You can't have that many favorite gnomes! Anyway.

I'm going to be an uncle in the spring.

Okay now that you all hate me for being off topic, my druid hit 60 and instant cast flying is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Grats on the incoming Uncledom!

They are great when they are young..

Uncle Klep... Uncle Klep...

Shame they have to grow up...

*hate* stoopid instant fling druids *hate*

Now your word verification is calling me a sliout...

Bit rude don't you think ;-)

LarĂ­sa said...

I think my interest for the RL of a blogger depends om their way of writing. If they write in a honest, personal way normally, if I'm touched by their WoW lives, I can very well be interesting in their RL. But if they only write completely non-personal theorycrafting/strategy posts normally, it would feel rather strange to suddenly have an outburst of RL stuff. I wouldn't know what to do with it.

For my own part I may mention RL, but there will always, always be some sort of connection to WoW, the community or the Blogosphere connecting to it. That's a decision I've made for the direction of my blog and I stick to it.

And Grats, ofc!
(verification: "lumfu". Could be a suitable name for a toon, couldn't it?)

Fish said...

Grats, you were quick, to the point and didn't ramble, I didn't feel like the 2 seconds it took to read the sentence were wasted ;)

Klepsacovic said...

@gnomeaggedon: Stop being offended! Geeze, you Aussies are sensitive.

Sadly, I won't be Uncle Klep; I rather like the sound of it.

@Larisa: I think you just better described my feelings than I did.
That sounds like a good name for an orc hunter.

@Fish: I'm glad I did not waste your time. :)

Unknown said...

It all depends. I often like a RL glimpse, but that's just me. :) Congrats!


Stabs said...

Ooo congrats.

Look forward to seeing him/her online in ten years or so.

Klepsacovic said...

@Syrana: Thanks!

@Stabs: "Honey, stop complaining that you can't teleport yet. Back in my day we didn't have Teleport. We had to run, through hostile mobs, all the way to our objective. And then right back because hearthstones didn't take us anywhere useful."

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