I hope the non-looters get hacked

| Thursday, September 3, 2009
Cursed? No. They deserve worse. They deserve to lose their fucking characters for a while, maybe permanently lose some gold or gear.

Sorry about the swearing. I usually actively try to not swear much, but I got pretty pissed off. It doesn't help that this was not the first instance of extreme stupidity that I ran into today.

The latest group was the worst I have ever seen. I think only 3 out of the 5 looted. One was my skinning/LW hunter, one was also a skinner. I don't know if there actually was a third.

I asked a few times nicely. I tried raid warning since sometimes people don't notice party chat. I tried asking less nicely. Eventually they started arguing with me after I called them rude. Their arguments?

"It's just leather."
"Go to the AH."
"You're wasting time on professions, level to 80 first."
Oh, and then here's the really stupid part: "farm at 80." Yes, great idea, run right past the leather now while I'm already here and instead come back at 80. That's so fucking stupid I wonder how the person who said it hasn't yet died from confusing poisonous spiders with food.

At this point it has gone beyond not noticing the corpses or not realizing there are skinners. Nope. After this it's plain hostility. Anti-social in fact. And not anti-social like prefers to be alone, anti-social as in anti-society, as in saying "fuck you" to the rest of the world and actively working to harm it. It's not as if it even costs anything but a second to loot a mob. In fact, they have money on them.

This is a whole new type of internet douchebag. It's not the tough guy or the troll or the elitist. Nope, this is the pure, undiluted terrible person. They don't need offensive words to describe them or any fancy adjectives: bad person fits perfectly. Of course one can always be poetic and describe them as lazy, anti-social assholes who exhibit the sort of behavior that you'd expect from someone with some sort of new and amazingly absurd mental disease. This is like someone burning down their house because it looked nice and was raising nearby property values. How dare someone benefit at absolutely no cost to them!

Normally when people are stupid I try to see what they might be thinking. In general I believe that people are not stupid. If they appear stupid, it's usually because they have some sort of misinformation or emotional distress is clouding their judgement; sometimes they just have different priorities (so go fuck yourselves virtual elitists, not everyone cares as much). Rarely are people truly stupid.

When they actively harm each other, it is for some gain or higher cause, rarely just to harm them. People that do harm people for the sake of harming, we call them sociopaths or sadists or murderers or other bad things and we put them in institutions or prison or shoot them. No, I don't mean forum trolls or that sort of thing. Those are just people who think they're witty or like they "get it" and someone else doesn't they need the ego boost; in other words those are beings to be pitied, mercifully put out of their miserable virtual lives (by that I mean ban them, it's virtual death).

Back to the story, I left after the exchange. I couldn't stand to be in such a group, to associate with people like that. Afterward I sent a tell to the druid, apologizing for leaving, but explaining that they'd pissed me off. He seemed understanding. They'd wiped after I left, feared into more mobs because they were too stupid to pull back properly. I got on my paladin and ran the druid through to the prophet (for his quest) and Eranikus (for the leather) and he gave me a few stacks of thick leather. Not really worth it for me, but I think it was for him; there were a ton of dragons to skin.


Shintar said...

People who don't loot dead mobs always confuse me. How did they ever make it as far as they have come? Did they level on quest reward money only or what?

Personally I find the sight of a sparkling mob irresistable. In fact when I'm out questing alone and end up with a full inventory at an inconvenient time I'll sometimes destroy some vendor trash in my bags just to pick up new vendor trash, simply because I don't want to leave sparkling corpses lying around. They are hugely distracting.

And yet people mess this up even in raiding. I don't know how many times we've reminded people in Ulduar to loot the jormungars before Hodir and the flowers before Freya so they can be herbed/skinned, and yet a few still end up unlooted every time. It's just mind-boggling.

Panos said...

Loot the dogs...

Anonymous said...

GAH! That's so selfish. Like it takes all that much effort to click a mob.

Also, as Shintar says above, I too am fundamentally unable to resist a sparkly corpse. I must click. What if there's an epic on it? An recipe? A blunt fang! I must have it, I must have it all!

Also I really hate "do it at 80 noob" attitudes to the game - as if levelling to 80, which takes rather a long time anyway, is somehow nothing but a pointless prelude to the "real" game.

One the things I am bizarrely proud of is the fact that I levelled enchanting the hard way. Crafting stuff for myself, disenchanting everything I got, and as I levelled. I didn't wait to 80 and then spent 1000s on the AH on dust. And for God's sake professions benefit everyone as you travel through the game, including people you PUG with.

Klepsacovic said...

@Shintar: Maybe it is from people who are so incredibly wealthy in-game that the gold value of a second is higher than the value of looting. It's certainly possible if you're running through RFC where mobs drop 10 copper. But if someone is aware enough to know the value of their time, why are they not aware enough to charge me enough to make it worth their time? I would pay people to loot the corpses if that's what it took.

@Lance: Didn't ML used to go down to the grey level? I seem to recall that happening a few times, or maybe just wishful thinking.

@Tamarind: They are so unappreciative of the extra stats I have for some crafted gear making my hunter slightly less bad. Or more seriously, the crit rating from skinning is pretty nice. It's just absurd; it takes just as long to skin a mob at 52 and at 80, unless haste affects it?

G-Rebel said...

Here's an idea. As group/raid leader, at the end of a fight you have the ability to set a loot timer. If the person allowed to loot x, y, or z chooses not to that privilege goes to the next in line, etc. Don't know how complicated a thing it would be for the devs to implement, but it would solve the problem, maybe.

I'm with all of ya, LOOT! I'm pretty new to WoW and I figured that out on day 1. I choose to not level cooking on my new 80 Shaman and now I regret it, I really don't want to go back and farm clams, ugh!

Unknown said...

I'm going to politely state that I never loot heroics.
When I put a group together, it's for fast runs only, and if I pug, its plainly stated. I tank, I pull very quickly, so most heroics last all of 15 minutes. With the prestated condition, it's rude for people to be 40 yards back looting while I continue moving forward. most of the times we only pug 1 or 2, and the people I bring are interested in the same... If you aren't healing/dpsing 98%+ of the time you're being rude to 4 people.

I loot if we have significant downtime, but otherwise no, I do not.

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