From their corpses, Rise!

| Thursday, September 24, 2009
The last thing I did before flying back to the death knights was to kill a Scarlet Crusader and raise her again as a ghoul. That was the last person I killed before I was ready. This last murder, this last desecration and corruption, these were my last acts before the quest was complete. And with this quest, I shall ascend. No longer shall I run through normal dungeons, killing the trivial enemies within for poor rewards. Soon, with just the click of a quest, I am ascendant to the level of 80 and with that, I shall begin to be heroic.

That draenei death knight is pretty, pretty cruel.

Click. Click. Click. Ding.

Now I am faced with a hard question: should I set my hearthstone to Dalaran?

It has been a good day for my rogue. She's gotten two zone drops in Storm Peaks and the meta from HoL in addition to a new ring. The regular daily for there gave her first badge of conquest.

Once I am geared for raiding I plan to respec, since I currently don't use a proper mutilate build. It skips some raid talents for some soloing gains, such as faster stealth movement and a shorter cooldown.


Unknown said...

haha, It's so funny that I read this.. Im STILL deciding if I should place my hearth in dalaran..

I mean I'm always waiting for summons for the heroics/raids (because my hearth is in Stormwind)..

But I usually end up having to port from Dalaran to Stormwind anyways.. but Dalaran is just so laggy it's frustrating.

Ngita said...

I guess derek answers the obvious question. Why wouldnt you have Dalaran as your hearth?

I set my hearth for my most recent alt to Dalaran before 40. Get a invite to ZF while mucking around at brewfest outside Ironforge. Hearth to Dalaran, port to Caverns of time ,a 3 minute ride and I am their.

Dorgol said...

At the moment I hearth to Light's Hope Chapel to assist in my Deathcharger farming.

I've also set my hearth to the Argent Tournament, Sholozar, and Frosthold at various times.

Of course, this is easier for me as I have one of those super expensive Rings of the Kirin Tor. :)

Klepsacovic said...

To explain my reluctance: You cannot set your hearthstone to where I have it. It is impossible. If I change it, I can never go back.

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