As Arthas falls...

| Wednesday, September 30, 2009
A whisper: "No... the Legion... is coming..."

When we kill Arthas, will we be saving Azeroth or shattering its only united army?


Panos said...

Nice..!! Interesting way of thinking this...

Hana said...

Heavy stuff. :)

But I have little doubt that confronting Arthas is necessary from a story perspective. You can't put the army together and just leave him alone so he's a convenient excuse to stay united.

The unity has some rather big cracks in its seams anyway. :\

Klepsacovic said...

@Lance: And quite possibly completely wrong. :)

@Hana: The united army I refer to is not the combined force of the Horde and Alliance, but the Scourge. Only once has there been a breakaway and that was when the Lich King was weakened.

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