Only idiots rewrite Blizzard's lore

| Monday, September 28, 2009
They don't like the story so they rewrite it and pretend it's 'true.' They say to themselves "I don't like that" so they change it, in their minds, and accomplish nothing more than delaying the process of accepting the world for what it is.

As you might have picked up from previous posts, I'm not too happy with the revamp of Onyxia. It is a loss of historical evidence. But that is survivable, just as Naxx was. I could even accept that it is just a little area that isn't of the world. It's not lorelol or whatever, it's just not lore. It's the equivalent of the LFG channel (how are we throwing our voices around the world, especially those of us who possess no magical ability?), strange if you stare at it too long, but hardly game-breaking, and beneficial overall.

But we turn in her head. I don't care that we already did. That's the old time travel thing. No problem. But Varian chopper her head off already. If there was no quest, then Onyxia would be almost entirely separate from the rest of the world. But she isn't.

So I wrote my own lore. Onyxia was reborn by Deathwing, twice. Once when we first removed her head. Then again after Varian did the same. So this is the third Onyxia. Everything is perfectly consistent and logical and all great except that it isn't at all true, it's just BS I made up in my head.

This leaves me with a question: Do you rewrite the lore in your mind so it makes sense or are you able to accept it and go on with your WoWday?


LifeDeathSoul said...

Horde side Warlock here :)

for me... I just think of it as like a time capsule out of the normal flow of the time in the Warcraft universe. So as my characters level, they are at different time phases? A bit disconcerting at times, but that's my way :)

Of course there is the old staple of just killing for the money XD

Fish said...

I think the problems with MMO's in general is that they can't be consistant with any type of lore. In single player cinematic type games, you do an encounter, its done, you move on to the next one. You're not killing the same guy over and over again to grab his stuff.

I like seeing people from lore, but I don't think players in an MMO should have an active part in lore.

Klepsacovic said...

@LifeDeathSoul: I don't care what time you're from, you still use gold!

@Fish: Blizzard seems to agree, since the story carries on no matter what we do. I wonder though, if somehow the entire playerbase refused to kill Illidan, would they leave him alive? Too bad we'd never get to see because someone somewhere would do it even if just to be an ass.

Panos said...

I am sure the fact that I have killed Onyxia in vanilla about 40 times is not helping much :p

But yes, I often think of `fillers' in the lore that make me feel everything is tidy. I even have some lore for my tune that makes certain aspects `resonable'. Like an 'engineering accident' that made my hair blonde for a week and then back to gray...

Pike said...

I actually haven't sat down and thought about it.

I guess in the long run it doesn't bug me too much, not because I don't care about the lore, but because I don't see WoW as being the be-all, end-all to Warcraft lore. I've mentioned before on my blog that I feel it is somewhat similar to how a video game about a historic event is gonna take artistic license... same deal here. *nod*

gmihok said...

Welcome to Wrath of the Recycled Content

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