Never attribute to stupidity

| Saturday, September 26, 2009
That which is adequately explained by malice. Of course it's not backwards!

PUGs are stupid, right? The hunters roll on expertise rings, the DK needed a +block item, and the ret paladin needed on the SP gear. Maybe they are just incredibly ignorant. But at least as often, the problem isn't that they don't know, it's that they don't care. They don't care about you or anyone else.

So next time you think "wow that person is stupid" consider for a moment that maybe they are perfectly intelligent and they use that intelligence to be an asshole.

Maybe they are also ignorant. You try to explain, "you don't need X stat." They ignore you. It's not because they are stupid, it's because they don't give a shit about you. Why should they care what you say or if you are right? They want something and they will take it.

What brought this on? Too many times hearing that this or that famous person is stupid. They probably are not. Name a famous person and the odds are in favor of them being intelligent. Instead they have different priorities, and those priorities do not include you as an important factor.


Unknown said...

Mike Tyson
Jessica Simpson
Kim Kardashian
Spencer Pratt

There's 4 to start the list off..

I've never had a problem with pugs.. if someone makes a roll that we disagree on we voice it before the loot is handed out. Problem solved.

Stabs said...

I love pugging but I'm sure your right. Players who are excellent for their guilds bring their B game to pugs.

I've learned to be wary of the following

- guild leaders. If there's drama they will let you wipe while typing because their guild is more important to them than your pug.

- dps with strong raid guilds. They are used to amazingly good threat tanks and feel no reason to hold back since if you can't keep aggro that's just you being a noob, not them being a noob.

- badly geared/ungemmed/unenchanted freeloaders. No decent guild will take them so you have been nominated to earn them their gear. Grats, lucky you!

Klepsacovic said...

@derek: I've not heard of the second half of the list. Do you run ML in all your PUGs? Generally how I see it is a need roll goes out and after they don't bother to correct their error they get kicked.

@Stabs: "LFM H Oculus, will be checking armory for achivements and GMs"

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