I like to laugh at angry people

| Friday, June 12, 2009
There are many reasons that people get angry. The vast majority are stupid; the angry people and the reasons. They make me laugh.

I especially find Gevlon funny when he rages over people who are people people. Rawr man, those morons and slackers are ruining your game! How else are you supposed to get your virtual sense of accomplishment and superiority over others?

Why do so few people make their own achievements? Are they so uncreative, so unimaginative, that they cannot imagine a different way to do a fight without Blizzard telling them? Go pull two bosses or tell half the raid to /dance for this attempt. Or is that no good because you don't get another achievement to lord over others?

Cheerios are awesome. Have a good weekend!


Larísa said...


Actually I just wrote a rant about this... You'll have to wait until monday to read it.

But I swear I wrote it before this post came up.

Our minds are somehwat connected.

Panos said...

/agree more or less

I am sure there are many ways to be `creative'. But people tend to channel all their inferiority complex through in-game achievements or loot or whatever 'classifies' people.

Still, feeling `superior' in a game does not mean necessarily you feel superior in everything, right?

Hana said...

To be fair, it does suck when something gets nerfed right when you almost have it, so I completely understand why Gevlon is upset over the FL+4 nerf. It takes away the feeling of accomplish you would have had if you'd actually completed it. Vent just lights up when a raid downs a boss for a first time, but would the whooping and hollaring be the same if the reason the boss died was because it was nerfed?

My guild was that way with 10-man Mimiron. We got so close over and over again. We could see the progress, as painful as it was, and we really wanted to beat him. Now he's been nerfed and we'll never know if we could have pulled it together if we had one more week with him.

I was actually rather surprised by Gelvon's most recent post because he has a target for his anger. Though he's not a "social" he's a very pragmatic person and it's odd to me that he actually got caught up in the excitement of doing a hard mode, wiping, wiping, and wanting to succeed at it. It's just... not very goblin-like. :)

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: I will be suing you for violation of international privacy laws in relation to your obvious use of a mind-reading device.

@Lance: Nothing makes a person feel superior in everything. I have no evidence for this, but I suspect that people with particular superiority in one area only serve to highlight their inferiority in others; or cause and effect may be the opposite, so inferiority leads to obsessive pursuit in one area.

@Hana: Oh I understand (but have not felt) the annoyance with something getting nerfed right as it's about to be beaten. But what's the point in anger over the past and what you might or might not have done? It's best to move on and see what you can do.

Klepsacovic said...

Just to clarify my response to Lance: it is not intended to be read as one of those "you're a loser so you play WoW hardcore" posts. Those are stupid. Maybe it could be related to a milder version of what I said in my recent post about addiction; with milder meaning "less judgmental."

Larísa said...

Well, I don't really judge Gevlon. I kind of liked his post. It was passionate :)

But just as you say I think there's a different approach available. It just takes more effort and some imagination. Less slacking in one sense. I'll explain what I mean.

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