How a shaman became a paladin

| Tuesday, June 2, 2009
For the earlier history, see here.

My guild at the time didn't seem to have much interest in helping me recover. I decided to go over to Wildhammer, Alliance side, and see if I could play with a few people I'd met on the paladin forums: Benediction, Anathema, and Anakerie. I leveled up a warlock and had all sorts of fun, but eventually we got sick of Alliance PvP and rerolled Horde on Arie Peak. It was then that I remade Klepsacovic (I think I got the hair color slightly wrong though). We raided with a guild named Clique, until it fell apart, or was destroyed by leadership (I was kicked early in the process). In response we transferred to Zul'jin and started our own guild: Word of Redemption. That went well until but winter break slowed progress, people jumped off the loot train, and we ended up merging with a guild which did not fit us at all. In WoR I met a warrior named Jarik and ended up semi-following him around, though not entirely by intention. Now we're once again in the same guild. Unfortunately Anathema and Benediction left the server, I don't know where.

The story of how my paladin became my main is a stupid one. I was tanking the horseman in Karazhan and the tanking bracers dropped. I said I needed them, which then prompted justified questioning of whether I wanted to make my paladin my main. I liked tanking, so I said yes. From that point on my paladin took over and my shaman went to the back burner. It's really kinda dumb that the course of my last couple years was determined by loot whoring a single pair of bracers. But I think it worked out for the best. I wouldn't have liked my shaman as much. Healing isn't my strong point and it stresses me out. DPS are a dime a dozen. Tanking, that I love, and shamans can't tank.

I wonder, what if I had never lost the first account? I'd have still met Benediction and Anathema on the forums, but I'd have not played with them. Maybe I'd have never made a paladin, never discovered tanking. What would I be doing now? Perhaps I'd be yet another noob LFM tank and healer.

The major events in my time in WoW: losing my characters, my first major guild collapsing, loot whoring; and yet they seem to have all led to better things. This suggests that I should start looking for disaster. :)


Dorgol said...

That "LFM Tank and Healer" is what drove me from my Vanilla Main (Warlock) to my Paladin. And even now, in WotLK - my Warlock was my 2nd 80, but he has done CRAP ALL since. On the other hand, my Druid hit 80 and has hit up a ton of heroics (just shy of the 100 badges Achievement).

All because I hate sitting around "LFM - Tank and Healer".

Klepsacovic said...

I actually didn't have too much trouble with finding groups on my warlock in vanilla or even the little bit I played in BC. The trick is to be a consumer, start your own groups, grab the tank and healer before they go and start their own group, so then rather than being three DPS looking for hard to find tanks and healers, you're a nearly complete group looking for a couple more DPS.

Here's a definition of how I'm using producer.

This isn't to say that there's nothing to what your problem. It's no coincidence that my three highest characters are tanks and that my priest eventually dual-specced into disc and had a resurgence on leveling. Probably the biggest obstacle to my shaman's leveling is my persistent failure to dual-spec resto.

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