Remember when paladins were bad OTs?

| Tuesday, June 23, 2009
I remember when he had almost no regen if we weren't taking damage. JoW, potions, and that was about it. Terrible.

Aggro was pretty bad too. Back then we were huge on reflective damage. Holy Shield, Blessing of Sanctuary, and Retribution Aura were really bitg parts of our aggro. Next to those we had auto-attack with SoR, judgement, and consecration and without regen, we couldn't afford them.

I remember HATING that robot guy in TK. If I didn't start with aggro, I wouldn't get it until after a few DPS had died. If I started with him, I could hold him for a long time.

Paladins just had way too much of a gap between their MT and OT aggro. It was ridiculous. Sadly, I see the same problem, though of a much smaller magnitude, with warriors. Not being MT means no rage from damage taken and no enrage for 10% more damage.

What brought this on? I'm having big aggro problems. Not lack, but too much. I often end up staring at Omen, waiting for when I can start using specials again, just judging and auto-attacking in the meantime. I've had this problem with DKs, warriors, I can't remember the last time a druid tanked, even another paladin. Apparently our aggro so so OP that we can pull aggro off ourselves.

I use a 6-9 rotation for MT, for OT I use pretty much the same, but replacing HS. In that case I alternate exorcism, avenger's shield, and sacred shield refreshes as needed. The result is an almost full rotation with only the occasional gap and tons of aggro. We've come a long way. Remember Vanilla when we had no regen ever?


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