Blessed by the RNG

| Saturday, June 27, 2009
This past week or two the RNG has decided to be kind to me, dropping much loot that I want when I'm in a position to get it. This is in contrast to the previous few months when I would often not see loot except that I could not get.

The upgrade I'm happiest about is The Jawbone, finally replacing Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver. My extended use of a heroic weapon through all of Naxx and into Ulduar was getting to be a frustration. Having such an important source of my DPS be so out of date made me feel like I wasn't pulling my weight. Before this I just was not seeing any weapon drops. Okay fine, I saw four. Cryptfiend's Bite was a small upgrade for the hunter who outrolled me. Betrayer of Humanity I was outrolled on. Ironsoul I lost the roll to a guildy with a taste for calling need. Most recent was my loss of Rune Edge about which I cannot complain because it was a justified loot decision. What? No it's not weird that I remember exactly what weapon upgrades I've lost for the past few months. You can't remember four things? Yes four weapons over the past few months. FOUR over MONTHS! Sorry.

I got a pair of 7.5 chests over two nights of naxx, beating one other person for an effective health chest and the other uncontested to be a ret upgrade.

VoA gave 8.5 ret legs, which then triggered a bunch of Rawring to figure out what to do about hit, followed by the realization that the belt that I passed on in Naxx would have been just about perfect (ever so slightly over the hit cap, but I could adjust gems to compensate), except I didn't care much about it at them time.

I got a new tanking neck for my EH set, a new healing ring for my Not Heroic Blues set, leather boots from Council of Iron (Assembly?) which are apparently awesome. Previous weeks brought my respec to ret, followed within the hour with a new ret hat and the next week with a new trinket, ring, cloak, and another cloak (first was badge), and some tanking gloves. This leaves my belt as the last item which I hate, so I'm planning on getting the crafted ret belt, possibly after 3.2 floods me with badges.

Speaking of Rawr: I finally started using it and realized that I was completely undervaluing hit. Thanks to all the loot I'm finally in a position to use it effectively, since previously whatever I had was the best I had as opposed to having multiple items which can be switched around for better combinations depending on whatever I recently found. This weekend my task is to find gems and enchants for all of it, something I've not had much chance to do since my schedule tends to look something like work, shower, eat, raid, sleep, work... and I hate myself when I cut sleep for WoW.


Suicidal Zebra said...

WTB Badger/Honour 2-h Weapons.

That, or an optimised Greatsword of the Sinb'dorei slower than 3.4 for 25 Seals.

I hate still using my Tuning Fork of Justice.

Klepsacovic said...

I miss the The Blade of Harbingers. That thing was so expensive, but absolutely worth it.

Isn't Titansteel destroyer at least a little bit better?

Stabs said...

From a design point of view it seems very much that there should be something like the Blade of Harbingers. When you hit 80 there are entry level Blacksmith/Engineer crafted weapons. But after that the only realistic path of prgression is raid drops. Granted there are pvp weapons for high personal rating but if you are a weapon-based class not easy to pvp your way to high rating without a big weapon.

I suspect that either 3.2 or 3.3 will see weapons available for Emblems of Triumph.

Blizzard is very keen to not have people in the end game ghetto. If you can't improve on Titansteel because you can't get raids, can't get raids because you can't get the achievements and can't get the achievements because you can't get a decent weapon to merit a spot then the logical thing to do is to leave and play another game.

Preventing this will be key in the itemisation strategy of the next two patches. The Blade of Harbinger model is an excellent example of how to solve this. It should never become impossible to improve (nor a matter of hanging around in trade channel hoping someone takes pity on you).

Suicidal Zebra said...

Last time I checked Titansteel Destroyer was just slightly worse than the Sword of Justice for Paladins below at the hit-cap. The superior swing damage (514-772 vs 507-761) and weapon speed (3.8 vs 3.4) make SoB Procs and Strikes hit harder with SoT over TD. Whether at or below the hit-cap though there just isn't much between them, showing just how much Weapon Speed counts*. Any of the lvl213+ 2-h weapons are better, as are most of the ilvl200 ones slower than 3.4 or with a more favourable stat split (Agi+AP+extras rather than STR).

That said, I really should get around to swapping around my gear and double-checking that conclusion. Being top-5 DPS in my guild, and eternal optimism, has probably made me a little sloppy.

* as an aside, the Greatsword of the Sin'dorei has a gorgeous looks but an atrocious swing speed. I'd only get it if you were really gold poor or had Champion Seals to burn and no access to 5-man Heroics or better.

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