| Tuesday, June 16, 2009
My guild recruited a prot paladin today. I decided this was as good a time as any to go ret. I'd had interest in going ret for a while, mostly due to the loot system we use.

Main specs have priority over dual spec, which means that I'm not only competing with all the DPS for gear, but I'm also at a lower priority. There was a pretty strong incentive to go ret but still tank. This would get me on equal footing for ret gear and lower than the other tanks for prot gear, but since I'd still be tanking, I'd probably end up higher than the other dual specs.

Today I decided that would just be gaming the system, exploiting and abusing in an effort to compensate for what I consider to be a flawed system.

The new paladin is prot/holy, so going ret/prot would put me in a decent position for gear. But perhaps more importantly, my guild has no ret paladins except for a holy who I've never seen as DPS and my dual spec. Now I'm ret. It happened much sooner than I expected, I guess I'm used to my old class lead who was a bit slow to get things done. The result was that Flame Leviathan dropped a DPS helm and tanking sword. Well, I lost the sword to the new paladin, but I got the helm, so bye bye engineering helm once I get enchants and gems. I was a bit surprised that I wasn't annoyed at losing the sword. It was definitely an upgrade, but I guess I didn't feel like I lost it to someone who would waste it (I hate losing gear to noobs).

Oh yea, and we got the one tower achievement on FL on the second attempt. First was pretty good, second was just ironing out some mistakes. I was a gunner, my driver annoyed me, too much spinning makes it really hard to hit choppers.

Waiting to start the second attempt on Deconstructor now...


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