Time for bed

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
I should check my blog to see if there were any comments. Ooh, gotta recheck the blogs I follow. Oh wait, not done yet, maybe someone commented on my comment. Okay done, time for sleep.

Oh wait, I didn't read that one webcomic today, I hate when I fall behind. Did I read that one? Yes. Maybe this... no no stop, you've read them all, go to bed.

I should check the tanking forums, maybe there's an interesting thread. Nope. Refresh. Nope.

Let's check the blogs again. Forums. Maybe tomorrow's comic is up already. I didn't watch yesterday's Colbert Report! Wait no, it's time for bed, I can't be staying up really late like that.

Forums. Blogs. Forums. General. Paladin. Blog.

Why am I still up? That's weird. I think I'll write a post about it.

Good night! No really this time.



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