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| Monday, June 8, 2009
Last night we went back into Ulduar (from Tuesday). We were a couple people short and had a few very new people as well. Still, I thought we had some good attempts on Deconstructor. Razorscale was a wipe, which annoyed me.

Rather than spend a night wiping, we went to Naxx 25 instead. It was the raid from Friday, the one my paladin didn't go to, instead getting saved to another. I offered my warrior in my place, just to help fill the raid. My expectation was that I'd get some badges. Well instead the tank loot was almost completely uncontested, so I walked out with a new shield, belt, cloak, and chest.

I felt bad. Not because I was carried through. I definitely had the gear for 10, probably for 25. I felt bad because I only got any of that because I'd saved my paladin. Objectively I shouldn't feel bad: it would have been sharded otherwise and my paladin didn't need any of it. But dammit, I'm human, and humans feel guilt!

In semi-related news, my warrior friend has switched to his paladin as ret/holy. Perhaps to keep the balance I should switch to my warrior.

No, that's a terrible joke. Why would I even say that?


Fish said...

I LOVE my pally. However, I have found warriors to be a more solid OT option, and with the improvements almost as good an AoE tank as paladins. I still find Paladins to be far superior leveling/soloing, but at 80 you're not really doing that anymore. . .

Klepsacovic said...

I love my paladin too. I'm not sure what you mean by better OT though. As the second tank on a boss, warriors are hurt a lot, losing the 10% from enrage and revenge damage. For adds, warriors aren't quite as good with aggro, though the snap aggro is great with TC and shockwave.

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