Possible side-effects of Conquest everywhere

| Saturday, June 20, 2009
We'll see a return to BC with many (lazy) people expecting gear from the second raid tier just to do heroics. Or more optimistically we'll see a lot of very over geared people filling up heroics and not really minding if they end up dragging along a few undergeared new players. My guess is that both will happen, depending on who you run into.

Runed orbs will plummet in price. 18 conquest feels a little high now when people are still learning Ulduar. Once those can come from only a handful of heroics we're going to see a lot more.

As a result of cheap orb, there will be very powerful (about the best you can get before hard modes) belts and boots which won't exactly be cheap, but I'd guess they'll end up around 1-2k. That's within reach for a much larger group of players than the current price of 6-8k.

PvP gear is going to inflate a bunch as people find themselves able to buy high-end gear. Previously their options were the easily obtained blue gear or the more expensive valor gear, which while the badges weren't hard to obtain, they couldn't be farmed so readily, limited to a couple dozen a week doing all available 25 man raids.

I won't call it a side effect since I'm pretty sure it's the goal, but the biggest effect will be much faster gearing of alts and new players. This will be a huge boon to guilds needing to recruit a few more people to either build up or to compensate for turnover.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting. I have the recipe for the plate tank belt and I'm weighing up what sort of price it may end up going for. I don't see it coming down to 2k -- even if you price badges as low as 50g you still have to pay for other raw materials (ie. titansteel for the plate belt, vast amounts of transmuted cloth for the cloth ones).

I'm thinking about 4-5k would give good profit for the crafter and would make it roughly in line with the charges people made for the T5 crafted belts in TBC.

Klepsacovic said...

You're probably right about the total cost. I often forget about half the mat costs because I always have spare stuff laying around that I don't bother to sell.

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