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| Tuesday, April 14, 2009
I've been flip-flopping on dual specs recently. Prot will definitely be one of them. I like tanking and it's very useful for soloing things that aren't supposed to be soloed. But what about the others?

Easy group invite
Useful for some soloing
I really like long-range judgements

Good for single-target killing
DPS doesn't have so much pressure, but maybe that's just because I'm bad
Hitting bad things is fun

At first I was sure it would be holy. Recently I've been ret and having a lot of fun and my gear has gotten a lot better. Now again though, holy is sounding useful. Still, fun is of highest importance and I don't like paladin healing much. Ret wins.

Now how do I spec with all the changes...


Stabs said...

Prot/Ret should get you tons of group invites and allows you to do stuff while not grouped in a much more enjoyable way.

Remember Replenishment is becoming the fourth corner of the Holy Trinity now so you will be highly desireable in those.

Neither Prot nor Ret need long range judgments since both have a ranged ability and are melee.

If you like healing then heal but you don't need to be a healer to get groups over the most useful dps spec plus the highest threat highest block tank

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