The sense of entitlement

| Saturday, April 18, 2009
You might have picked up that I've been struggling to decide on a spec for the last few... months. At the peak I started thinking "This is stupid. I have three roles and that doesn't even include the PvP versions. Why don't hybrids get triple-specs? Or 6 specs?" I was not alone in that line of thinking.

What is wrong with us? We get someone which is an improvement and we are annoyed that is isn't good enough? This is like getting two free ice cream cones; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pick two, and we're made that we don't get a third. There's a line between always wanting to improve one's situation and just being greedy.

On a related note, what is it with people complaining about the cost? 1000g is a lot. I'm not going to be one of that jerks that says "just got farm for a day." Farming isn't fun, just because it's not a lot of farming doesn't mean it's okay. But it's okay anyway. 1000g for incredible flexibility and very rapid savings depending on how much you respec. If you don't respec much, don't buy it. How can it be bad for us to gain options?

I'm having a blast with dual spec on my paladin. I used it at least 10 times yesterday in only a few hours. This doesn't mean that I have already paid of half the cost though. It does mean that I gained flexibility, I'd have not switched that many times so quickly, especially not while in the middle of an instance. The action bar switch is great. My only real gripe is with the mana drain. It's fine when I go to prot since the regen is pretty high now (I don't even have SA), but as ret it's a little annoying to start at zero. Ugh, here I am complaining that the awesome new things isn't awesome enough. What is wrong with people?


Anonymous said...

I don't know - but I guess the same trait that drives us towards progress, this dissatisfaction with status quo and desire to make things better also makes it difficult to be happy with what we have.

personally - I'm ecstatic about such an easy switch. empty mana bar means I just need 30 extra seconds to fill it up before we move on. So I'll carry more water with me, big deal.

yes, at first I felt this twinge of annoyance at starting at zero, but then I thought - wait a second, look at how much time I just saved! I didn't have to hearth and go to my trainer, I didn't have to reglyph and redo my talents one by one - all I did was click one button and then I just switched some gear around, while I was drinking. I think people forget far too easily just how much more inconvenient it used to be and fall quickly into mentality when you give them more and they are never satisfied. Meh

I think this also comes from living easy lives and not going through serious hardships. majority of people who play wow has never had to make difficult choices quickly, never had to do things that were not exactly fun, just because they needed to.

Ask someone who had to scramble to survive which ice cream cone they want. they will be happy just because its a free ice cream, add to that that you get to have not one but 2 flavors? Win.

P.S. if you wanted your name to sound russian, all you had to do was leave off "ic" :) male russian last names most often end with "ov" or "ev" - "vic" is more of a polish or serbian ending. the only time you would see "vic" in russian names is when its a middle name, that is based of father's first name and usually spelled with "ch" anyways, to make sure that you don't pronounce is as "k" So Klepsakov would have been a perfect sounding male russian last name :) /ducks. /hides

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