I admit it, I'm scared

| Tuesday, April 7, 2009
I've been saying Naxx is too easy. Not that the intro raid shouldn;t be easy, it that it's even too easy for that. Well Ulduar is coming and at least by what the Blues say, it's going to be harder. That's fine right? It's better to die a few times and actually learn a fight rather than faceroll through a raid. Or is it?

Maybe I've tricked myself. Maybe Naxx is what I want but I don't want to admit that it is what I want. Maybe the challenge of Ulduar will just be a frustration. Will this be my downfall, this requested challenge?



Unknown said...

Sort of like how the "hardcore PvPers" all talk about wanting consequences and full lot, etc... And mock "carebears".

But they aren't spending their time in the ridiculously brutal Asian MMORPGs (where you can get de-leveled by PvP deaths) or EVE or Darkfall.

Stabs said...

Ha ha very nice post

I'm looking forwards to Ulduar. I strongly suspect that the first few bosses will be pretty easy once people learn the fight.

I think people who equate raiding with winning will be disappointed but I think anyone who doesn't mind a few practice wipes will be able to get somewhere.

The really hard stuff is achievements and hard modes, normal mode raid bosses are aimed for the majority of us to beat. (The old "we don't want to make content for 1%" theme).

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