Uh oh.

| Wednesday, April 15, 2009
What's this? A different writer? Yep. I can't write often enough to do my own blog so for now I'm just saying forget it. Instead I will be posting here, at least for the foreseeable future. For those who don't know who I am at all- Iapetes; 80 Paladin; ; Laughing Skull. The end. I'm not entirely sure how often I'll be posting, but you can probably expect more of a pvp slant from me than Kleps, because I do cool fun stuff (like arenas :D :D :D everyone loves those amirite?) instead of old world content.

It's entirely possible you'll see posts where we completely disagree with each other, as often happens when we talk to each other, so maybe you could say I'll bring a new perspective to the blog? Anyway I'm looking forward to posting here, where I feel there is already something of an established audience and where I dont have to post every 2 days to feel like I'm keeping the blog alive.


ps: Kleps hurt my feelings. I want a squire, but he says its creepy. He just doesn't understand paladins imo.


Klepsacovic said...

Records indicate that I am supposed to follow up by making fun of you. However I prefer to do things my own way, so I'll just mention that I can edit your posts to say things like "I like arenas because I am a noob."

If anyone is wondering where Iapetes came from considering he's not on my server, not in my battlegroup, and not even on the same faction: we were posters on the paladin and shaman forums back in the days post-1.9 (though he was around before then).

Iapetes said...


Klepsacovic said...

Shaman forums pre-1.9, then I went to the paladin forums for no clear reason, whereupon I fell in love with FHPs and insanity bloomed.

LarĂ­sa said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere Iapetes! May your posts be numerous and epic, or even legendary!

Shwitz44 said...

Post more.

That is all.

Stabs said...

Best of luck!

Rohan said...

/cheer for old school paladins

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